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TVLine: Good Wife Post Mortem: Matt Czuchry on What Makes Cary 'Re-evaluate' His Future at the Firm

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thumbnail Good Wife Post Mortem: Matt Czuchry on What Makes Cary 'Re-evaluate' His Future at the Firm
Feb 18th 2013, 06:00

The following interview contains spoilers from this week’s episode of The Good Wife. If you've yet to watch, avert your eyes now.

Well, that was bold.

Going up against their bosses in a mock trial was the least of Alicia and Cary’s concerns in Sunday’s The Good Wife – especially when, after having their offer of partnership rescinded, Cary suggested he and Ms. Florrick start their own firm.

But then Will and Diane re-offered Alicia — and only Alicia — equity partnership, which she accepted (!), leaving Cary on the outs.

Below, Matt Czuchry talks about his character’s future at Lockhart Gardner, Cary’s more confident attitude, his mysterious moment with Kalinda and more.

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TVLINE | This was a very big episode for Cary. Is this a signal that there's a lot more Cary screentime to come?
Well, it opens up a lot of doors for Cary in terms of him pondering what his future is at Lockhart Gardner and what his next move is within the firm or outside of the firm. This episode certainly opens up a lot of doors for that potential for the character to grow as we move into the end of the season.

TVLINE | This was perhaps the most ambitious and aggressive we've ever seen Cary and Alicia. Is this the start of a new, different side of Cary?
I believe [the change came] when Cary's father came in and tried to use him for some help with Diane, and Cary stood up to his father and said, "No, I'm not going to help you." That was really a turning point for Cary in terms of realizing that he has to make his own way [regarding] what he wants for his own life… And then in this episode, that idea, yes, absolutely is furthered. I have a scene in this episode where Cary's in court and he's questioning somebody on the stand. We see Cary is relaxed and tense at the same time. So there's a new confidence in Cary and that is something that is going to continue to grow throughout the rest of the season.

TVLINE | He and Alicia really challenged their bosses. Is that going to come back to bite them in the behind?
Cary knows what his worth is as a lawyer, so he's willing to stand up to Alicia within the firm — or Diane or Will. He's willing to stand up to anybody within the firm because he knows he's good at his job and he has that renewed confidence. So I would say… if there is some push back from his bosses, then that would be OK with Cary. He would be fine dealing with that and handling it.

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TVLINE | They offered the partnership only to Alicia, so Cary and Alicia aren't on a level playing field anymore. How's that going to change their dynamic?
On one level, Cary feels that he would do the same exact thing if he was in her position, so he understands… On the other side, it certainly makes Cary re-evaluate what his worth is in the firm and what his future should be at the firm and what he wants to do in terms of his career. Cary and Alicia, for four seasons, they've been competitors, they've been adversaries, they work great together as lawyers. So we've seen a full dynamic of that whole relationship over the course of the four seasons, and what's nice about this episode is you see little pieces of all those aspects of their relationship. You see the competition, you see the adversarial aspect, you see them on the same side against Will and Diane and doing a great job in court. They have a very complex relationship in this episode and now that Alicia has become partner and Cary hasn't, the complexities of that relationship are going to continue to grow.

TVLINE | Are they still sharing an office? They wouldn't be, right?
Alicia is a partner and Cary isn't, so there is going to be a status change there. How Alicia handles it is very interesting, and how Cary handles it is very interesting. Of course, the elements that Diane and Will place on both of them is interesting, as well. Change of office is a piece of that.

TVLINE | Alicia also knows that Cary was thinking about starting a new firm. Is that a point of tension between them?
It's a thought that has slowly been developing for him, and he was genuine when he asked her. Then of course, Alicia was asked to become partner, and like I mentioned before, Cary says, “That's smart. I would take that too.” So the fact that Cary's looking to his future and protecting his future just like Alicia's protecting her future, I think there's probably a mutual respect and mutual understanding [between them] in that they both have to do what's right for them individually.

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TVLINE | Are we going to see Cary’s starting-a-new-firm storyline continue to play out?
One of the storylines that this episode opens up… is Cary's future and where does he want to go? If he stays at Lockhart Gardner, where does he want to go after? Does he want to start his own firm? That is going to be a storyline for Cary that is going to carry out through the end of the season… He's certainly going to look towards his future in a very calculated and specific way.

TVLINE | In the last scene, it seemed like Kalinda and Cary were maybe plotting or scheming. Should we be reading something into that scene?
It really speaks to that last question you asked in terms of, is Cary going to go out on his own? Or is he going to create alliances at the firm to further his position within the firm? Cary and Kalinda were standing there, outside the glass, for a reason as Alicia was shaking hands inside the glass. So that was certainly a poignant moment that was very specific and intentional.

TVLINE | It was very symbolic, especially considering that Cary and Kalinda are the two characters that have been passed over for promotions recently.
I liked the scene with Cary and Kalinda in this episode. In Season 2, Cary would constantly be the one helping Kalinda out, and in this episode, we saw Kalinda give information to Cary that really broke the case in a big way [so] Alicia and Cary [could] win. We're seeing, also, Kalinda supporting Cary. [They] are ships passing in the night, but in that specific case, they were right there together, side by side, because Kalinda helped Cary out. As you mentioned, Kalinda has been slighted and Cary has been slighted, so they have mutual interests right there at the end of the episode.

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TVLine: Revenge Recap: Dead in the Water

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thumbnail Revenge Recap: Dead in the Water
Feb 18th 2013, 04:22

We finally know who’s ship outta luck.

Revenge this week returned to the fateful event it teased in the season premiere: the sinking of the Amanda and the demise of at least one person on board. Warning: You may want to don a life vest, so adrift will you be on currents of disbelief at various points during the narrative. Now, without further ado, let’s review what went down—besides Jack’s beloved boat – in “Sacrifice.”

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A RAT ON BOARD | As the episode opens, Jack and Amanda are in bedded honeymoon bliss on the boat while Nate hides out in the closet — so not only is the Ryan brother a murderous thug, he’s also a creeper. Lovely. The next morning, just as Jack is puzzled by a pack of cigarettes and a lighter he finds tucked away on board, Nate makes his presence known. And he’s got a gun. Jack has no idea what their captor is talking about when he says Amanda’s responsible for Conrad pulling out of the waterfront-development deal. While Mr. and Mrs. Porter are locked up belowdecks, Amanda whispers that they’re going to have to kill Nate because he’ll never let them escape with their lives. And while I think she’s probably right, I have to hope Jack was at least a little freaked out by how quickly his new bride went there.

Meanwhile, back in the Hamptons, Ashley tips Emily off that Amanda blackmailed Conrad with some serious dirt. Em’s voice says, “I’ll talk to her.” Em’s face says, “I’ll rip her beating heart from her chest, blend it into a smoothie and sip it through a straw.” She boots Ashley from the house and checks the secret hiding spot, from which the laptop is conspicuously missing. She then visits Amanda and Jack’s apartment, where she finds Charlotte making a slideshow for her “sister” with photos from the wedding. Char shows Em one cute shot of the marrieds just before they shoved off, and Emily immediately zeroes in on something miniscule in the background: Nate’s thug face peeking out from the lower decks like a puppy in a pet-store window – a nasty, plot-superfluous puppy. (Side note: I laughed out loud at Em’s realization. A little too easy, no?)

Emily summons Nolan for an emergency meeting, during which he tracks Nate’s cell phone to where it last pinged: out in the ocean, halfway to Jack and Amanda’s honeymoon destination of Nantucket. So Little Miss Lies-a-Lot and her sidekick jump in a motor boat and take off after the Amanda. (Side note regarding that cruising-the-high-seas-at-top-speed sequence: Did we learn nothing from Ringer?)

A SINKING FEELING | Back on the S.S. We’re Screwed, there’s a big, complicated subterfuge as Amanda makes Nate think the laptop is in Montauk, then Jack tries to make Nate think Declan’s laptop is the one he’s looking for, then Jack and Amanda fake a fight to cover the sound of them prepping the raft for a speedy getaway. They manage to lock the talented Mr. Ryan in the cabin – where the laptop is conveniently left open, allowing Nolan to watch what’s going on via a hacked webcam (I know, I know – but on the upside, those vests you put on earlier are not only crucial to your survival, they’re quite slimming. You look great.) So Nolan and Em watch as Nate shoots his way out of captivity – hitting Jack in the process. Aw, Jack. Your luck is truly terrible in all situations. Then Amanda pushes her hurt hubby into the inflatable so he’ll get away safely; she stays on the boat and tries to wrestle the gun away from Nate, but all she gets is a head injury and some unconsciousness. Meanwhile, despite its shabby exterior, the Amanda must have warp capability – because by the time Nate realizes what’s happened, Jack’s raft is about three light years away from the boat.

Night has fallen by the time Emily and Nolan find her childhood love, hopelessly bobbing in the deep blue like a tiger-free Life of Pi. Jack rushes the pale Porter to shore and the hospital; Emily commandeers the raft and, using its outboard motor, races to catch up to the Amanda. She does so just as the craft’s electrical system shorts out, thanks to Amanda opening a valve that floods the lower third of the boat. The three of them fight, with Amanda eventually landing a shot that fells Nate (and pierces the propane tank in the process). With gas and water filling the cabin, Emily hustles her old pal into the raft but at the last minute, Amanda goes back to grab the necklace Emily gave her as she left juvie. At that exact moment, a not-dead-yet Nate flicks his lighter and… the boat goes boom, tossing the ladies into the drink.

When Emily pulls Amanda onto the half-demolished raft, she realizes that the former exotic dancer is headed for that great strip club in the sky. “Jack and my baby, I need to know you’ll take care of them,” Amanda says, pressing her necklace into Em’s palm. Emily cries, promises and cries some more as Amanda dies in her arms and eventually drifts off into the depths as the raft’s air supply dwindles. Goodnight, Amanda, you nutty, Frank-killing, Emily-worshipping mess of a girl.

TAKE THE INITIATIVE Back at Grayson Manor, Victoria is unrepentant about killing Helen. “The bitch had it coming,” she remarks as Daniel and Conrad wrap The Initiative operative’s corpse in a carpet. Vicky quickly comes up with a new plan: The Graysons are going to offer up Amanda to The Initiative, hoping that the secret organization will take down their shared threat. She even goes to The Stowaway to invite Charlotte to the family’s Labor Day party which, for reasons I seriously don’t get, is doubling as the announcement of Conrad’s run for the governor’s seat. (Side note: Take a look at baby Carl’s face in this scene. I swear to you, he rolls his eyes at Victoria’s lame reasons for wanting her daughter home for the evening. Smart kid.) While Charlotte and Declan get their things together, Victoria slips Helen’s phone and scarf under Amanda’s bed… where an Initiative dude named Trask, working off a tip from the Graysons, finds it later.

Meanwhile, Aiden’s trying to help Padma find out whether her father is still alive. She eventually talks to Trask, asking for proof that he’s not already gone; Trask says the package she just signed for contains the evidence she wants. It’s her dad’s finger. Exactly how does that prove he’s still among the living? (I know. Just like all of those safety videos say, I should’ve put on my own life vest before telling you to wear yours.)

Now it’s your turn. Did you guess that Amanda would go to her watery grave? How do you think her death will affect Emily? Think Jack will pull through? Sound off in the comments!

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TVLine: Breaking Bad, Louie, Girls and Portlandia Win Big at 2013 Writers Guild Awards

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thumbnail Breaking Bad, Louie, Girls and Portlandia Win Big at 2013 Writers Guild Awards
Feb 18th 2013, 04:21

Breaking Bad and Louie took top TV honors at Sunday’s 2013 Writers Guild Awards, winning best drama and comedy series respectively.

Individual achievement kudos (awarded to a specific episode) went to Mad Men‘s Semi Chellas and Matthew Weiner for “The Other Woman,” while Modern Family scribe Elaine Ko won for “Virgin Territory.”

Elsewhere, Girls was named best new series, while Portlandia scored the night’s biggest upset by winning best comedy/variety series over Saturday Night Live, The Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Other notable TV winners include…

Movie (original screenplay)Hatfields & McCoys

Movie (adapted screenplay) | Game Change

Children’s SeriesSesame Street

Daytime Drama | The Young & the Restless

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Hollywood Life: ‘Downton Abbey’ Season Finale: The Crawleys Are Faced With Life & Death

Hollywood Life
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thumbnail 'Downton Abbey' Season Finale: The Crawleys Are Faced With Life & Death
Feb 18th 2013, 03:43

The family experiences its most joyful occasion, and most tragic setback, as the season winds down.

The Crawleys made their annual trip to Scotland on the Feb. 17 season finale of Downton Abbey, but even though they got far away from home, they brought all of their baggage with them: Mary (Michelle Dockery) bickered with Edith about her relationship with that newspaper chap, Anna revealed her “racy” side to Bates, and the family officially decided to house Rose while her parents go to India — even though Rose sucks.

very pregnant Mary also had everyone concerned when she had to leave the Ghilles’ Ball early — oh, did I forget to mention there was another time jump and she’s pregnant now? — but she was able to get home and give birth to a healthy baby boy just in time.

Of course, the Crawleys’ celebration will likely be cut short when they learn of the tragedy that occurred just after the birth: While out on a joy ride through the countryside, Matthew (Dan Stevens) collided with another vehicle; his body was discovered in a ditch, and sadly, he didn’t survive.

The Drama At Home

As always, there was no shortage of drama back at Downton. Here’s a rundown of what happened to our favorite servants this week:

1. A saucy little maid named Edna played mind games with Tom (Allen Leech), trying to make him feel awkward for marrying into a higher class. Of course, this was all part of her plan to lure him in, which she did; she walked in on him naked — shirtless on Downton Abbey is basically naked — and kissed him. Needless to say, she got fired.

2. Dr. Clarkson tried to get all up in cousin Isobel this week by revealing interesting facts about himself, like: I always get drunk before bed. Unsurprisingly, she wasn’t feeling the good doctor, so she let him down gently — and pretty awkwardly. Then he diagnosed her as being a tease and went on his way.

3. A full-on creeper names Joss Tuftin paid a visit to the abbey with a ‘special package’ for Mrs. Patmore. She was so smitten by his incomprehensible accent, and his ability to eat soup with his hands, that she almost agreed to marry him — until he was revealed to have his eye on other laides. All other ladies, actually.

4. After a rowdy game of Tug-Of-War, a group of nogoodnicks ganged up on Jimmy (Ed Speleers.) Fortunately, Thomas (Rob James-Collier) was literally stalking him, so he was there to save the day. He took a beating so Jimmy could escape, which allowed Jimmy to see they really could be friends — just not the kind of friends that kiss each other when they’re asleep.

How do you feel about Matthew’s shocking death? Did you see it coming? How do you think it will affect the series moving forward? Watch the heartbreaking scene below, then drop a comment with your reactions.

— Andy Swift

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TVLine: Downton Abbey Finale Recap: R.I.P. [Spoiler]

TV News, Previews, Spoilers, Casting Scoop, Interviews
thumbnail Downton Abbey Finale Recap: R.I.P. [Spoiler]
Feb 18th 2013, 03:40

In Sunday’s Downton Abbey season finale — set a year after last week's episode — everything's coming up roses. Well, except for the fact that yet another Crawley ends the episode pushing up daisies. Must one of them always be contrary?

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KILL OR BE KILT | When the Crawleys visit Rose's parents — Violet's shrewish niece, Susan, and her husband, Shrimpy — in Scotland, the discord in their marriage is even louder than the bagpipes that signal the start of every day. At least the holiday provides Robert with an overdue reality check: Learning that Shrimpy will soon lose his estate, the Earl of Grantham at last concedes that "Downton will survive because of Matthew's vision." (There — was that so hard to admit? Sheesh.)

AT YOUR SERVICE | Left behind at home with Sybil 2.0, Tom falls prey to the charms of new maid Edna, who somehow manages to be alluring even though her voice brings to mind Bubble from AbFab. Naturally, Mrs. Hughes is onto the social climber at once and issues her her walking papers before a second Edith situation can develop.

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THE MARRYING KIND | After a coupla enjoyable dates with Isobel, Dr. Clarkson pops the question… that is, he tries to. But, to save him the embarrassment of a rejection, she pretends she doesn't understand what he's up to. Meanwhile, Mrs. Patmore receives a proposal of her own — from new shopkeep Tufton — and is relieved to learn from Mrs. Hughes that he's an incorrigible flirt, therefore she can turn him down.

THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE | When a soused James is mugged at a much-ballyhooed fair, Thomas rides to the rescue and takes a beating for which the twink is so grateful, he offers his friendship. Though Michael reluctantly accepts that his situation is hopeless, Lady Edith digs in her heels and informs him that their relationship is only just beginning. And finally, to wow Bates at the big dance in Scotland, Anna gets Rose to teach her how to reel. (Mission: accomplished. The look on his face for the umpteenth time redefines "besotted.")

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BUZZKILL | After pushing herself at every turn in Scotland — primarily to be as nasty as humanly possible to Edith — Lady Mary returns home early… just in time to go into premature labor! "We've done our duty," she tells Matthew afterward. Since they've produced a male heir, "Downton is safe." Unfortunately, Matthew himself is anything but safe. Driving to the estate to tell tales of his offspring's magnificence, BLAMMO! His ear-to-ear smile is wiped off by a fatal car crash.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the season finale? Did you cry more when Matthew bought the farm or when Tom told Mrs. Hughes how much he missed Sybil? Are you glad that Rose will be coming to live with Robert and Cora? How funny was it to see Mrs. O'Brien dealing with Susan's maid — the only person in existence with a sourer disposition? Are you hoping Alfred will get his wish and be moved into the kitchen with Mrs. Patmore? How adorable was Carson with Sybil 2.0? He damn near lost his permascowl for a second there! Sound off below!

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TVLine: Girls Recap: Dog Day Afternoon

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thumbnail Girls Recap: Dog Day Afternoon
Feb 18th 2013, 03:31

Following Hannah’s polarizing, dreamlike and ultimately fleeting affair on last week’s Girls, the action returned to normal — or something like it — with the unlikely duo of Ray and Adam on a journey to Staten Island, and the steadily drifting twosome of Marnie and Hannah contemplating a life without the ‘B’ or the final ‘F’ in their BFF relationship.

“Boys” was a peculiar and not entirely satisfying half hour — lacking the meditative depth of “One Man’s Trash,” but offering up little of the biting/absurdist humor that Lena Dunham typically serves up with the consistency of a McDonald’s French fry. Let’s recap the action surrounding the episode’s two dynamic duos.

RAY AND ADAM | Ray discovered that Hannah had left his coveted copy of Little Women (complete with notes from his godmother) in ex-boyfriend Adam’s apartment, and somehow got tasked with retrieving it. Adam, with his usual brand of absurd aggression, answered the door with rock music blaring, found furniture being violently deconstructed, and a stolen (and angry) canine in the bathroom. And this, folks, is just one reason why I find Adam to be one of the least realistic, most grating characters on television. Any dude who could kidnap a random canine, name him “Dog,” then lock him in a tiny cell after getting bitten — oh, and brush off his subsequent festering infection with a breezy, “I put baking soda on it” — ought to be the perp on Law & Order: SVU, not a long-term romantic interest on a half-hour dramedy. I used to wonder, is Adam painfully obtuse, or are his tossed-off remarks (“I had to spend a night in a cell with fucking yoga teacher!”) an arch defense mechinism that blocks him off from the world? I’ve honestly stopped caring.

Anyway, back to the plot, the always thoughtful Ray convinced Adam they needed to return “Dog” to his owner out on Staten Island (a place so horrific to Ray he once turned down a three-way to avoid it). The sojourn allowed the guys to have a pair of conversations that felt more like meta analyses of Girls‘ female characters. Young girls and older women are less complicated, the guys enthused, dismissing the 20-50 set as having inflated expectations and unseemly body issues. Oh, and is Hannah a misunderstood altruist or an entitled brat? I just don’t buy that these guys would have these discussions — not with each other, anyhow. I did, however, enjoy Ray’s incredulity after Adam accused him of coveting Hannah and being coy about it: “Coy? Is that your first time using this word?” Touché, Ray!

Adam eventually ditched the mission — of course he did — and after an awful encounter with the dog owner’s hilariously dreadful daughter (a human font of racism, homophobia and misanthropy) Ray ended up on a bench, overlooking New York harbour and still in possession of the four-legged critter with the makeshift muzzle on his mouth. Okay, so Shosh wanted him to attend a Learning Annex course for entrepreneurs. It doesn’t make him a loser, nor does it mean she’s pushing him to be something he’s not, or shouldn’t want to be. Shoshanna may be the wide-eyed dreamer of the show (finding Hannah’s book deal “so adult and intriguing!”) but she’s also a gal with life goals, and a semblance of a plan to achieve them. To me, that makes her admirable, not just a text-speak-spewing punch line. I hope Ray’s tears — and his listening to Adam’s nasty assessment that he’s only comfortable with Shosh because he knows it won’t ultimately work — turn out to be a fleeting thing. Without the Shoshanna-Ray levity, Girls‘ angst levels might soar to unbearable heights.

HANNAH AND MARNIE | So Hannah’s got herself a book deal. An e-book deal, but hey, that counts! The episode’s funniest scene had to be Hannah and her ridiculous publisher (John Cameron Mitchell) discussing the concept of high-low (“Tom Wolfe writing about his colostomy bag!”) before cutting to the chase: Hannah’s got herself a deal, but only one month to turn in her finished product. No wonder our protagonist found herself vomming out on the sidewalk in front of the chic restaurant where they met. Jessa, depressed and sleeping in Hannah’s bathtub, couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm about the milestone event: “This book doesn’t matter. That’s the first thing you need to know.” And so Hannah tried to track down Marnie to commiserate, even though her texts and calls kept falling on cynical ears. “She probably wrote a blog post or found a really good hot dog,” Marnie said to a naked (ewwww) Booth-Jonathan while ignoring another one of Hannah’s calls.

Okay, I get it. Last time we saw these besties, Hannah was calling Marnie too self-absorbed to commit suicide, accusing her of “psychotic” behavior for showing up at the dinner party to which she’d been invited, and then essentially kicking Marnie out of said party after a squabble with her ex’s new girlfriend. It’s not like Hannah’s done much to deserve loyalty. But how on earth could Marnie endure Booth-Jonathan’s unrelenting pretentiousness? That scene where Booth chastized his assistant for eating a spoonful of his rosewater ice cream was truly a thing of grotesquerie — with Marnie not merely acquiescing, but actively encouraging his stance. (If I were Marnie, I’d have bailed the minute the assistant informed the famous artisté she’d stocked his fridge with “goat milk probiotic.”) At least Soojin scored a good laugh with her exit: “My boyfriend is doing lights for Carly Rae Jepsen and I should be on the bus with him right now!”

With Soojin out of the picture, Booth asked Marnie if she’d mind hosting his party, which sent her into a flight of “I’m his girlfriend and we’re throwing a party together!” fancy. “Booth and I are having people over,” she told Shosh, and you knew it wasn’t gonna end well, especially when her destitute self determined she needed new duds for the party. (“It’s just a dress,” she later told Hannah. “From the far off future!” replied her pal.) Anyhow, again, I’d have flown the coop when Booth started projecting onto the walls a video installment of his weeping self, but Marnie just kept right on greeting guests and pouring wine. That is until this exchange:

Booth: Mind if I throw you, like, $500?
Marnie: You don’t have to pay me. I’m your girlfriend.
Booth: I didn’t realize I had a girlfriend.

And then, when Marnie admitted she’d maybe fallen in love with the idea of Booth, he started smashing wine bottles in his lovely little wine cellar. At least he didn’t need to throw one at Marnie for her to realize that this was a bad situation, that being Booth’s “girlfriend” is a paid role, and that being Booth’s assistant requires not just picking up groceries but getting horizontal as well.

The final phone call between Hannah and Marnie was a heartbreaker. Marnie’s big ego trip — the one that never really allowed Hannah to fill her in on the details of her book deal — had come to a painful end, but she stood there in her ridiculous gold tube top at the subway entrance and declared everything “perfect,” declared herself “very happy.” And Hannah, realizing she’d lost the ear of the one person who really understood her, lied and told Marnie she’d left the party to go get “tons” done on the e-book, not because she’d felt abandoned and out-of-place in the pretentious art-world soiree. Has “Love you, bye” ever sounded more heartbreaking and hollow? And what will it take to reunite these gals, and get them in the habit of treating each other with the respect and kindness to which every person is entitled?

I leave those questions to you. Until then, what did you think of this week's Girls? Do you think hannah and Marnie will get their groove back by season’s end? Have we seen the last of Booth? Do you want to see Ray escape from his case of the blues and get back to a happier place with Shosh? Sound off in the comments!

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Hollywood Life: Mindy McCready Dies At 37 — Dead Of Apparent Suicide

Hollywood Life
Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics
thumbnail Mindy McCready Dies At 37 — Dead Of Apparent Suicide
Feb 18th 2013, 03:03

How tragic. Country music star Mindy McCready was found dead on Feb. 17 of an apparent suicide.

Mindy McCready’s troubled life came to an end on Feb. 17, a little over a month since the father of her youngest child, David Wilson, was found dead in his home on Jan. 13 of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Minday was obviously going through a very hard time lately, following David’s death.

“I’ve never gone through anything this painful,” Mindy said on NBC’s Dateline on Tuesday, Jan. 29. “He didn’t just touch my heart, he touched my soul.”

Despite any suspicion, Mindy denied any involvement in David’s death.

“He was my life. We were each other’s life,” she said in the Dateline interview. “David was not having an affair with another woman. That is absolutely totally untrue.”

Mindy’s two children, Zander, 6, and Zayne, 9 months, were removed from her home on Feb. 6 after she was committed to a treatment facility for a mental-health and alcohol-abuse evaluation. She was released two days later, TMZ reports.

“Since boyfriend (David Wilson) shot himself she has been in bed for 3 wks,” her father said in court documents. “Sleeps all day. Drinks all night and is taking Rx drugs. Not bathing or even helping take care of her 2 children.”

The “Ten Thousand Angels” singer had attempted suicide twice before: once in 2005 and again in 2008. She made several trips to rehab and appeared on the VH1 reality show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2010.

This story is developing, so watch this space.

Our thoughts go out to Mindy’s family and friends a this difficult time.


— Chris Rogers


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TVLine: The Walking Dead Recap: Barbarians at the Gate

TV News, Previews, Spoilers, Casting Scoop, Interviews
thumbnail The Walking Dead Recap: Barbarians at the Gate
Feb 18th 2013, 02:59

In Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, the Governor exacts his revenge for the Battle of Woodbury. But, believe it or not, that isn't the worst thing that happens to Team Cell Block. Here are all the gory details…

HAPPY HAUNTING | While Rick is busy chasing a vision of Lori — how nice that his imagination dolls her up like she's headed to the Oscars! — Glenn tries to take charge. Unfortunately, whatever leadership qualities he might possess are undermined by the rage he still feels over Maggie's near-rape. Though she finally opens up to him about exactly what transpired, it only serves to widen the gulf between them. (Apparently, after the zombie apocalypse, nobody celebrates Valentine's Day.)

SHE'S THE SHERIFF | In Woodbury, the Governor promises Andrea — somehow without cracking up — that he won't retaliate against Team Cell Block. Not only does she buy this, his 2,704th whopper of a lie, but she's flattered to no end when ol' One-Eye compliments her reassuring speech to the townspeople and deputizes her as a kind of stand-in Governette.

INTO THE WOODS | Alone at last with Merle, Daryl is quickly reminded of what a grade-A schmuck his brother is — especially after he tries to rob a family that they save from walkers. Finally, Daryl has had enough. He calls Merle on leaving him behind with their abusive father and tells his sibling that, as far as Rick and Co. are concerned, he got what he deserved. Snap!

UNFRIENDLY FIRE | When Axel speaks more than a coupla lines — he reveals to Carol that he was in jail for committing armed robbery… with a toy gun! — his fate is obviously sealed: He becomes the first casualty of the Governor's sneak attack on the prison! Next, Team Woodbury breaks down a penitentiary fence with a van — full of walkers! It's looking pretty grim for Rick and Hershel (and, frankly, for the lot of 'em) until Daryl shows up. Trouble is, there's a catch: He's brought Merle — s***-eating grin and all — with him!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Have you had your fill of "Crazy Rick"? Did you know Axel was a goner when Carol started softening toward him? And — not to be morbid, but — what was your favorite kill: Daryl dispatching a walker with the trunk of that hatchback or Michonne slicing and dicing 'em like she was throwing together a zombie cheese platter? Hit the comments with, you know, your, um, comments.

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Hollywood Life: ‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Mr. Gold Finally Finds His Son

Hollywood Life
Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics
thumbnail 'Once Upon A Time' Recap: Mr. Gold Finally Finds His Son
Feb 18th 2013, 02:00

But being Rumples’ son isn’t the only connection Baelfire has to Storybrooke!

Traveling to the Big Apple to find Mr. Gold’s (Robert Carlyle) son seemed like a longshot, but Emma (Jennifer Morrison) finally managed to track him down on the Feb. 17 episode of Once Upon A Time — only to discover she’d already met him!

Let’s not beat around the bush anymore: Baelfire turned out to be none other than Emma’s baby daddy Neal (Michael Raymond-James), which means Mr. Gold is actually Henry’s other grandfather! Though many fans speculated this long ago, the news came as a pretty major shock to the show’s characters — particularly to Henry (Jared Gilmore), who had been told his father was a firefighter. And was dead.

Of course, learning this secret might actually be the worst thing anyone could have hoped for, as Mr. Gold recalled a dark promise he made about Henry long ago.

Is Mr. Gold Going To Kill Henry?

This week’s trip to the past provided some background on Rumpelstiltskin, particularly how he developed that sexy limp of his. After being called off to fight in the Ogre Wars, Rumples encountered a delightfully terrifying little seer, a blind child with eyes on her hands who could see into the future. She told him he’d have a child, but because of his actions on the battlefield, the child would be left fatherless. Fearing the worst and jumping to all the wrong conclusions, Rumples injured himself in order to be sent home.

Rumples reunited with that same seer years later — now in all his Dark One glory — and she told him of a far darker future. She told him about the curse and about the one who could break it. She also told him about a boy, one capable of being his downfall. Unaware that she was talking about Henry, Rumples quickly responded that he would merely kill the boy before he got the chance.

Will his plans change now that he knows Henry is his grandson?

Meanwhile, Back In Storybrooke…

Belle (Emilie de Ravin) still has no idea who she is, but that didn’t stop Mr. Gold from leaving her with the key to finding his dark dagger. Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Cora (Barbara Hershey) were more than happy to lift it from her, which led them to a map that they needed Hook’s help to translate. The ladies thanked him for his time, then ditched him, which has me thinking it won’t be long before we see Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) teaming up with the good guys to take the witches down.

And just when Regina thought she’d gotten the last laugh, we saw that the “outsider” (Ethan Embry) had recorded her using magic on his cell phone! He was sending it to someone, a lady — but who?

Were you surprised to learn that Baelfire is also Henry’s father? Do you think Mr. Gold will still try to kill him? And who do you think the outsider was talking to? Drop a comment with your best theories.

— Andy Swift

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TVLine: Once Upon a Time Recap: The Son Also Rises

TV News, Previews, Spoilers, Casting Scoop, Interviews
thumbnail Once Upon a Time Recap: The Son Also Rises
Feb 18th 2013, 02:01

The following recap, by the very definition of the word recap, contains major spoilers from this Sunday’s Once Upon a Time.

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Mr. Gold found his son in New York City, Emma ran into a familiar face, Cora and Regina revealed their wicked endgame and a pivotal piece of Rumplestiltskin’s backstory was revealed.

IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | Though Milah fears for his life, Rumplestiltskin is jazzed to be called to the front of the Ogre Wars, so that he might escape his father’s cowardly shadow. Reporting for duty, he is tasked with guarding someone who could “change the tide” of the war — a young, blind seer. For starters, the lass reveals that Milah is with child. She also warns Rumple that his actions on the battlefield will leave his son fatherless. Rumple is skeptical, but when the girl’s other vision — that the army will ride into war on “cows” (which wound up meaning cowhide saddles) comes true, he hobbles himself to escape the war and return home, where Milah introduces their newborn son Baelfire. When Rumple comments on the “strong name,” Milah says he’ll need it, being the son of a coward. “I did this all for the boy,” Rumple explains, “to save him from growing up without a father!” Mean, mean Milah retorts that Bae is consigned to a worse fate, “as your son,” and says she’d rather her husband had fought and died. Alone with his boy, Rumplestiltskin promises, “I will never leave you.” (Has Robert Carlyle ever been better?)

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IN NEW YORK CITY…. | Arriving at Baelfire’s apartment building — which FYI was no match, inside or out, with the one filmed in New York City for the season premiere — with Mr. Gold and Henry, Emma rings the one unmarked buzzer, announcing a delivery into the intercom, then hears someone accessing the fire escape. They hurry outside to spy a hoodied guy scurrying down the sidewalk. Gold tells Emma he wants to cash in on his favor: “Get him to talk to me!” A footchase ends with Emma tackling… baby daddy Neal Cassidy! (Non-surprise!) Emma has so many questions, including 1) whether Neal is the son of Rumplestiltskin (answer: yes) and 2) if he knew who/what Emma was when they first met.

Sitting in a bar, Neal insists he had no idea who Emma was and in fact has labored to “get away from all that crap.” Neal relates how August showed him his typewriter (a-ha!) with a piece of paper that read “I know you are Baelfire” to prove their shared past when arguing that Neal needed to walk away from Emma. (“You let me go to prison because Pinocchio told you to??”) Even so, Neal believes that while “there’s not a ton about my father that doesn’t suck,” he always said there were no coincidences, so, “Maybe we met for a reason? Maybe something good came of it?” “Nothing that I can think of,” Emma utters, withholding the Henry news, as she hands back the keychain gift she’d been wearing as a necklace. Wonderful work by Jennifer Morrison.

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After Emma reports back that Bae “got away,” Gold goes about breaking into the apartment. As they snoop around, Gold gleans that Emma is lying about Bae. “We had a deal!” Gold roars, as Neal comes barreling in to make sure Emma is OK. “You two know each other…? How?!” Gold asks. Sure ’nuff, Neal’s curiosity about Henry/his age puts the pieces together for everyone involved. Shocked to learn that the story of his dead fireman dad was a lie, Henry sulks on the fire escape, while Gold calls dibs on his convo with Bae.

Outside, Emma explains to Henry that his father “was a thief, a liar who broke my heart, a part of my life I wanted to forget” — to which the boy counters, “You’re just like Regina; she always lied to me too.” Inside, Rumple admits to Bae that he made mistakes and “there is no greater pain than regret. Let me make it up to you.” Neal/Bae can’t imagine how, and quickly shoots down his dad’s offer to turn him back into a 14-year-old (!). “You have no idea what I’ve lived with,” Neal says, revealing that not a night goes by that he doesn’t see Rumple releasing his grip, letting Bae would fall through the portal alone. “Now I’m letting you go.” Touché. And a really nice job by Michael-Raymond James, making the unreal feel real.

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MEANWHILE IN STORYBROOKE…. | Mary Margaret and David marvel over Emma’s news that Rumple’s son Bae turned out to be Henry’s father. “It’s a good thing we don’t have Thanksgiving in our land,” David comments, “because that dinner would suck“…. Cora consoles Regina, who’s missing Henry. Overhearing, Hook notes that if Rumple is out of town, he’s powerless and can be killed: “I deserve my vengeance!” Cora suggests they instead search for The Dark One’s dagger. Using a Dewey decimal clue (literally) lifted from Belle’s handbag, Cora, Regina and Hook find in the library a map that leads to the dagger… and then the ladies KO the captain. With the dagger, Cora tells her daughter, they can command Rumple to kill their enemies while leaving Regina’s hands clean. Meanwhile, hospital patient Greg iPhoned the display of magic Regina used in Belle’s room and emailed it to his lady friend. (Dude. YouTube that noise!)

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BACK IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | Rumplestiltskin aka The Dark One confronts the grown-up seer and fills her in on his lousy lot in life — all because of the “pesky details” she left out last time around. She explains that Rumple will find his son, but that it won’t be easy. It will require a curse to be cast, and broken, and then a young boy will lead him to Bae. “But beware,” the seers says with her dying breath, “because the boy is more than he appears. The boy will be your undoing.”

Rumple shrugs, “Then I’ll just have to kill him!” as we cut back to New York City, where Gold eyeballs Henry talking to Neal on the (Bael)fire escape.

What’s your take on “Manhattan”? The foregone conclusion of Bae’s identity aside, did it entertain? Remember: I’ll be moderating the Once Upon a Time Paleyfest panel the day of the next new episode, March 3, so send along a Q or two you’d like considered.

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Hollywood Life: Chris Brown: Upset Rihanna Was Hurt At Club — Relieved She’s OK

Hollywood Life
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thumbnail Chris Brown: Upset Rihanna Was Hurt At Club — Relieved She's OK
Feb 17th 2013, 22:26

Rihanna was reportedly attacked by a man with a soda bottle — he’s allegedly not happy that she’s dating Chris Brown again. A source close to Breezy tells exclusively that he’s so relieved she’s okay.

Rihanna left The Box nightclub on Feb. 16, with a bloody leg. The “Diamonds” singer was allegedly assaulted by an aggressive man outside the club, who threw a soda bottle at her while yelling a nasty comment about Chris Brown. Breezy is none too pleased.

A source close to Chris tells exclusively, “It’s f**ked up someone would do that to Rihanna, and mention Chris in the same sentence. He’s hurt over stuff like that. He loves Rihanna, that’s his girl and he doesn’t want anybody messing with her like that. All Chris wants out of the whole situation is to make sure Rihanna is okay and she is — so that’s the most important. Chris doesn’t know exactly what happened, but Ri told him she was cool with all this drama. People are crazy out there and try to f**k with people just because they’re a ‘celebrity.’ They need to get a life.”

How Rihanna Ended Up With A Gash On Her Leg

According to an eyewitness, a fan threw a bottle of Lucozade, a British softdrink, at RiRi as he screamed something about Chris, 23.

During the altercation, Rihanna, 24, fell against a metal grate and cut her knee, according to Daily Mail. The bottle did not connect with her body. Rihanna’s bodyguard ran after the man, but hurt his leg in the process, prompting them to seek medical attention, Media Take Out says.

We hope Rihanna is doing much better!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Is it wrong of fans to judge Rihanna and Chris?

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