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Hollywood Life: ‘Teen Mom 2′ Recap: Jenelle Confirms Jace’s Father After Paternity Test

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thumbnail 'Teen Mom 2′ Recap: Jenelle Confirms Jace's Father After Paternity Test
Feb 5th 2013, 06:26

In the season three finale of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Jenelle has Andrew take a paternity test to reveal once and for all if he’s Jace’s baby daddy. Plus, Corey tells Leah he’s still in love with her, Kailyn refuses to meet Jo’s girlfriend and Chelsea finally passes her GED test. Read on for the finale recap!

Ever since she received a phone call out of the blue from her ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis, Jenelle Evans has questioned whether Andrew is really Jace’s father or not. During the Teen Mom 2 season three finale on Feb. 4, she finally discovered the truth.

Jenelle Makes Andrew Take A Paternity Test

Last week, Andrew was convinced he wasn’t Jace’s dad, and Jenelle even considered the possibility that she could have conceived Jace during a random party hookup. He even reiterates that during a video chat where he says Jace looks nothing like him — right in front of Jace! Poor kid.

But Jenelle wants to settle the argument once and for all, so she schedules a paternity test for Andrew in his town in Florida, and she takes Jace in to her local clinic get his adorable mouth swabbed.

Jenelle later reveals to her friend that even if Andrew isn’t the father, she has no idea where the other potential baby daddy is, or how to even go about tracking him down. “No use in trying to find him,” Jenelle confesses.

But when the results finally come in, Jenelle doesn’t need to keep searching — Andrew is 99.997 percent Jace’s father!

When Jenelle and her mom Barbara Evans video chat Andrew to let him know, he will start to be there for Jace. He wants to visit and pay child support, and keeps making all these empty promises he has no intention of keeping.

Babs lays down the law though — if Andrew doesn’t pay child support, she will track him down and he’ll pay! Jenelle thinks Andrew is full of hot air, so we’ll have to stay tuned and see if he comes through.

Leah Tells Ex-Husband Corey About Her Pregnancy

After Leah Messer tells everyone close to her that she’s pregnant again — fiance Jeremy Calvert, her mom and her friend Kayla — she decides she needs to break the news to her ex-husband Corey Simms.

When she delivers the shocking news one night that not only are she and Jeremy getting married — she’s also pregnant with his child, Corey puts on his worst happy face and says “congratulations.” It’s a good thing he didn’t pursue acting. He says he’s happy for her, but it’s not until she reveals that she’s pregnant again that he really loses it.

Corey starts to tear up at the news, and it’s finally hitting him that Leah is moving on for good. Even Leah wonders if she is moving on too fast. “I’m never going to love someone like I love Corey,” she tells Kayla the next day.

Jeremy is excited to be a first-time dad, but Corey meanwhile tells his dad Jeff that he isn’t over Leah yet.

Finally, Corey spills his guts to Leah one night, and puts everything on the line. He says he’ll support Leah during her pregnancy, but it hurts him a lot. He wishes he could change the past, but he really needs to move on.

It’s clear they both have feelings for each other — and shouldn’t jump into their next relationships!

Chelsea Takes Her Final GED Tests

Because she’s planning on enrolling in beauty school full-time, Chelsea Houska looks at daycare choices for Aubree. Even though she’s worried about leaving Aubree in the care of someone else for the first time, the daycare she visits seems incredibly smart and safe — and puts Chelsea at ease. Plus, most of the workers probably didn’t kill their own dogs.

As she’s awaiting the final scores of her GED test, Chelsea passes her beauty school entrance exam and gets accepted into beauty school! She’s officially done with baby daddy Adam Lind, so she’s moving forward in her career — and her life.

When she gets the results for her GED test back, it’s official — Chelsea passed all of her tests! Next step: beauty school.

Kailyn Refuses To Meet Jo’s Girlfriend Vee

Kailyn Lowry‘s ex Jo Rivera tells her he has a letter from his girlfriend Vee. When Kailyn reads it outloud, she discovers that Vee is just trying to make nice and wants to get along for Jo’s sake — but Kailyn is having none of it. She still refuses to meet Vee, or even have Isaac around her.

She later reveals to a friend that she isn’t ready to meet Vee because it “makes it real” that Jo is with someone else. It’s not that she’s jealous of Vee, she just doesn’t want to admit that things are officially over with Jo.

At Isaac’s birthday party at Kailyn’s house, Jo finally shows up hours later and meets Kailyn’s current boyfriend Javi Marroquin. So Kailyn will allow Jo and Javi to meet — and they are both very civil to each other — but she refuses to meet Vee, who has been dating Jo for several months.

A few awkard moments aside, Isaac’s birthday party goes smoothly, and Jo and Javi seem to be getting along fine. It isn’t until Kailyn attends Isaac’s birthday party (part two) at Jo’s house on another day that she turns up the drama.

She reminds Jo yet again that Vee is NOT a mother figure for Isaac, and she doesn’t want him to see Vee as one. She’s taking things slow with Javi, but can’t seem to accept that Jo has moved on too. Cue the dramatic music.

What did YOU think of the ‘Teen Mom 2′ finale HollyMoms? Were you shocked?


– Christina Stiehl

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Hollywood Life: 90210 Recap: An Unexpected Tragedy Leaves Annie Heartbroken

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thumbnail 90210 Recap: An Unexpected Tragedy Leaves Annie Heartbroken
Feb 5th 2013, 05:49

Just when I thought Annie actually had a shot at happiness, her relationship with Riley takes a fatal turn.

Annie (Shenae Grimes) apparently awoke from her coma crazier than ever, because instead of confessing her love Liam (Matt Lanter) on the Feb. 4 episode of 90210 — color me crazy, but wasn’t that the whole point of her dream?! — she actually decided she was in love with Riley (Riley Smith)! Seriously, did I miss something?

She rushed to the hospital, told him she loved him, and everything appeared to be sunshine and unicorns. But because this is Annie we’re talking about — her fairytale is more likely to end with a fiery boat explosion than a horse-drawn carriage — tragedy was lurking just around the corner.

Riley’s doctor called to tell Annie that, due to complications during his surgery, he passed away. I’m not entirely sure how Riley died — I’m no doctor, let’s be real — but my theory is that a disgruntled “Lannie” shipper snuck into the hospital, dressed like a sexy nurse, and messed with his IV drip.

Real talk, though: I was really sad to see Riley go. He was a fun actor, and had he not been introduced as a love interest for Annie, maybe he would have stood a fighting chance. Heaven got a beautiful new set of wheels tonight.

Naomi & Max Call It Quits — Again

Naomi’s (AnnaLynne McCord) relationship also came to an end this week, though her story wasn’t quite as tragic as Annie’s. Basically, Naomi’s marriage counselor told her and Max (Josh Zuckerman) to focus on themselves for a little while — like Naomi needs anyone to tell her to do that — and the end result wasn’t pretty.

While Naomi realized she wanted to move to Tokyo and become a princess — I don’t have the time or energy to explain that one — Max decided he wanted to move to enroll at MIT. But because Massachusetts is cold, and apparently full of pilgrims, Naomi told him she didn’t want to tag along.

Cue the breakup. Cue Max sending Naomi a tiara. Cue Naomi doing her best impression of a human with real emotions.

Liam’s A Lover AND A Fighter

In what is clearly an early birthday present for me — or late, depending on how you choose to read your calendar — Liam spent the entire episode in full-on cage-fighter mode. I’m talking shirtless, sweaty and fighting. The whole time. “I’m not here to talk, I’m here to hit stuff,” he said, without a hint of irony. (Liam Court, my prince!)

But things got kind of dark when Liam got kicked out of the gym for getting too physical with one of the other fighters. That’s right, someone actually complained about Liam getting too physical with them. I don’t get it, either.

I don’t see this whole cage-fighter story line going very well for Liam — we all remember how well it ended for Ryan on The O.C. — but I’m willing to enjoy the view while it lasts.

Teddy & Silver Play ‘Catch’ With Their Embryos

After Navid (Michael Steger) sent him on an unexpected guilt trip — apparently if Silver (Jessica Stroup) doesn’t have babies now, she never will — Teddy (Trevor Donovan) agreed to let her keep the embryos. But wait, there’s a catch! Silver has to use a surrogate to carry the child, rather than let it live inside her stomach… or wherever babies live when they’re all gross and wet.

So ‘Operation: Make A Baby’ took a drastic turn, but at least it’s still happening. Now there’s just that small issue of how Silver is going to pay for the baby once it’s born. Does she have a job? Has she ever had a job? How much money did Jackie leave her when she died?! These are the tough questions, people.

Everybody Hates Dixon

Dixon’s (Tristan Wilds) plan to get revenge on Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) for being a super slut totally backfired on him this week. He basically turned her into his beautiful trained monkey, forcing her to sing embarrassing jingles, etc., all the while funneling her earnings into a secret scholarship fund for Megan (Jessica Parker Kennedy.) But when the girls found out what Dixon was up to, they both stormed off furiously.

In summary: Adrianna hates Dixon, Megan hates Dixon, and at this point, I’m pretty sure Dixon hates Dixon too. Good times all around.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Were you shocked and/or saddened by Riley’s death? Do you think all hope is gone for Naomi and Max? And how do you feel about Teddy’s little trick? Drop a comment with your review of the episode!

— Andy Swift

Follow @AndySwift

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Hollywood Life: ‘RHOBH’: Brandi Glanville Still Crying Over Being Sued By Adrienne Maloof

Hollywood Life
Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics
thumbnail 'RHOBH': Brandi Glanville Still Crying Over Being Sued By Adrienne Maloof
Feb 5th 2013, 05:19

Brandi is still hurt that Adrienne is suing her and a fight breaks out between Camille and Lisa. Keep reading to out the latest 90210 drama.

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continue to fight and on the new episode, which aired Feb. 4, the ladies go in on each other and take the gloves off.

The show kicks off with Brandi Glanville teaching the other 90210 ladies how to WURK the stripper’s pool and it was awesome! All the ladies took turns shaking their butts and swinging their hair and sliding up and down the pool.

Camille Grammer, a former dancer herself, looks like a pro as she gives Brandi a run for her money. All the ladies, Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster enjoy themselves as new housewife, Marisa Zanuck, was not in the mood learn how to pole dance.

“I don’t feel sexy at all,” Marisa says, adding that she feels sexy when she’s working and the fact she can financially take care of herself and her family. Marisa was clearly taking a shot at Brandi who has gone on record saying that she has financial issues ever since she and ex-husband Eddie Cibrian split.

Adrienne Maloof and Kim Richards both were not present in Las Vegas. Adrienne stays in Beverly Hills to work on her business ventures and to be with her (then) husband Paul Nassif, as he goes under laser treatment to remove the hair on his back. Ouch!

Meanwhile, Kim undergoes surgery as she wants to fix her nose. After surgery, she was quite loopy and asks the nurse to call Kyle and then mumbled how she was all alone.

Now for the drama…

Is it us or do these girls always fight over a meal?

As the girls dine, Brandi continues to cry over Adrienne suing her. Brandi digs into Adrienne, who by the way is not at the table to defend herself, by saying Adrienne only owns 20- percent of the palms Casino and Resort.

That comment ignites a fire between Camille and Lisa, and Camille calls Lisa out by saying “you don’t own SUR.”

But if you know Lisa, you know she came right back for Camille.

“Darling, I own 51-percent of it,” she tells Camille. “I’ve invested in that restaurant.”

Lisa certainly shut Camille down but she was more hurt when Kyle didn’t stand up for her when Camille slams her for not owning SUR – or owning 51 percent of it.

Oh, rich people’s problems. We all wish we have them.

But you’ve got to tune in next week when the hit Bravo franchise returns and this time, Brandi and Adrienne come face-to-face! We can’t wait.

Sound off HollywoodLifers. Whose side are you on? Brandi or Adrienne’s?

– Eric Ray

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TVLine: Castle Recap: You Can't Win 'Em All

TV News, Previews, Spoilers, Casting Scoop, Interviews
thumbnail Castle Recap: You Can't Win 'Em All
Feb 5th 2013, 04:43

This week on ABC’s Castle, Beckett had some difficult choices to make as she kinda sorta somewhat tried to apprehend the person plotting to kill her mortal enemy. Did Kate cross any lines in the name of “letting justice prevail”?

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THE CASE | After a young woman turns up dead, stripped of nearly any identifying marks and incinerated in a trash can, it is eventually discovered that she knew had been seen at a “discreet” hotel with Senator Bracken. The slithery politico however has an alibi. Besides, clues left behind by way of the deceased’s voicemail point Beckett & Co. to a stolen car and the gear of a sniper assassin. Bracken isn’t a suspect — he’s the target.

Bracken gets briefed on the threat, but refuses to cancel a very important speech he has planned, one that will put him “on the national stage.” He is then bemused to see that Beckett is leading the investigation into the man who wants him dead, as she runs him through the usual questions about possible enemies. he has many, he says, “but most of them aren’t crazy enough to want to kill me — present company excluded.” He then ventures, “This must be a dream come true for you,” him being in someone’s crosshairs. Actually, Kate corrects, “In my dreams I get to pull the trigger.” That said, she assures,with potent words, “When somebody commits murder, whoever he is, I’ll bring him to justice — no matter what it takes.”

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Kate’s first real crisis of conscience comes when she hides from Rick a threatening letter sent to Bracken, that matches a notebook left behind by the assassin. Though she toys with torching the clue, she doesn’t — and she almost brings it to the team’s attention when RySposito interrupt with a new clue that points them to an auto body shop. That in turn leads them to a flophouse, where Kate finds herself eye-to-eye with Bracken’s wannabe killer, Robert McManus. Yet when he cuts and runs, she can’t bring herself to shoot him. “I didn’t miss,” she confides in Rick. “I saw his pain, and I couldn’t take the shot.” Adding to Beckett’s burden of guilt: McManus actually has planted a bomb, meaning if he sets it off, that blood is on her hands. Luckily, RySposito bring the suspect in pronto, yet Kate isn’t able to break him in interrogation — and along the way comes thisclose to cluing in Gates on her vendetta. Still, Gates cuts the Q&A short, as they found a bomb vest. Bracken, though, stops short of applauding Kate’s efforts, seeing as he knew she let McManus go free when given the chance. “Two shots, missed at close range…? I guess I was right about you.”

Beckett though gets to prove her mettle when she deduces the bomb vest wasn’t of McManus’ making and the real assassin is still out there. She thus decides to evacuate the hotel where Bracken is giving his uberimportant speech — a call that looks b-a-d bad at first, when a bomb sweep comes up empty. But then Kate spies Bracken’s driver fidgeting with his Zippo in a tell-tale way, and is able to shield Bracken just as his ride goes kablooey. (Meanwhile, Rick tackles the driver FTW!) “You saved my life,” Bracken later notes to his adversary. “Can’t win ‘em all,” she shrugs. Still, he says, “I’m in your debt…. You never know when you might need a friend.” What’s the saying — with friends like him…?

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THE CASKETT | The episode opens with a fleeting bit of banter about Alexis’ beau and Rick’s need to “meet and intimate” any possible suitors…. While sifting through the senator’s hate mail, Rick jokes about Kate’s death threats against the guy dotting the word “kill” with little hearts…. Kate confiding in Rick her inability to pop McManus made for a nice scene…. Rick is ready to ply his lady with celebratory vino when she kills the mood with her new theory…. Mild, across-the-couch coziness at episode’s end, as Caskett realize that Bracken is on the fast-track for the White House.

What did you think of this week’s episode, “Recoil”? Not quite as many or as intense of Stana Katic moments as previous “My Mother’s Murder” installments, but surely an upgrade from the previous couple episodes in overall quality and level of tension.

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TVLine: Pilot Scoop: ABC Orders John Leguizamo Comedy

TV News, Previews, Spoilers, Casting Scoop, Interviews
thumbnail Pilot Scoop: ABC Orders John Leguizamo Comedy
Feb 5th 2013, 04:30

ABC has ordered a half-hour comedy pilot co-created by and starring John Leguizamo.

The untitled project is based on the actor-comedian’s life as a husband, father and fish out of water on the Upper West Side of New York. Woven into this world are his privileged wife, his friends from his life back in the Bronx, his mother and grandfather who try to keep him grounded in his Latin roots, and his own kids who he worries are getting spoiled and losing touch with reality.

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Leguizamo’s TV credits include arcs on ER and My Name Is Earl, as well as a starring role in Spike TV’s short-lived heist drama The Kill Point.

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Hollywood Life: ‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: Walt Kisses A Boy For The First Time

Hollywood Life
Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics
thumbnail 'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Walt Kisses A Boy For The First Time
Feb 5th 2013, 04:19

Plus, Mouse helps bring Sebastian and Carrie one step closer to a reconciliation!

In reality, it’s a blistery cold day in New York City, but on the Feb. 4 episode of The Carrie Diaries, it’s October, so Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) and Walt (Brendan Dooling) are playing pretend and celebrating Halloween in SoHo, dressed as Prince Charles and Princess Diana! After recently going through a painful breakup with Sebastian (Austin Butler), Carrie wants a night off from all of her responsibilities.

Larissa (Freema Agyeman) crushes Carrie’s idea of a fairytale romance by revealing that Charles and Di aren’t the couple that Carrie believes them to be, because Charles still fancies some woman named “Camilla Parker something.” (Of course, we all know how that story plays out.) Plus, Larissa offers Carrie and Walt some ecstacy. Carrie secretly discards the pill, but Walt digests it, leading him to make some gutsy decisions.

Carrie spends most of her night taking care of Larissa, and the hot guy she was talking to at the beginning of the party ends up being into Walt.

Back in Castlebury, Maggie and Mouse (Ellen Wong) attend Sebastian’s Halloween party in order to keep tabs on him post-breakup. Mouse and Maggie realize that Sebastian isn’t such a bad guy after all. And Sebastian actually ends up taking care of Mouse after she smokes pot for the very first time. This leads Sebastian to drop Mouse off at Carrie’s house, where they have a brief encounter — and Sebastian calls her “Bradshaw” again! (I smell a reconciliation on the horizon).

Walt gets his very first kiss from a guy, the same one who Carrie thought she was flirting with. Unfortunately, Walt doesn’t react so well and runs home into Maggie’s arms.

What did you think of tonight’s episode, HollywoodLifers? Are you upset Walt went running to Maggie after his first guy on guy kiss? Are you glad Sebastian referred to Carrie as “Bradshaw” again? Tell us what you think! 

— Chris Rogers


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TVLine: Monday Mornings: Just What the Doctor Ordered?

TV News, Previews, Spoilers, Casting Scoop, Interviews
thumbnail Monday Mornings: Just What the Doctor Ordered?
Feb 5th 2013, 04:00

TNT on Monday night premiered Monday Mornings, a new drama from David E. Kelley and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, M.D. (on whose book the series is based). On a TV landscape that plays host to only one resilient hospital show, is it just what the doctor ordered?

MM (love it just for the monogram!) follows the doctors of Chelsea General as they go about saving lives and, with less enthusiasm, face Morbidity & Mortality meetings in the dreaded Room 311, in which they are called on the carpet to account for (sometimes fatal) shortcomings in patient care.

Alfred Molina stars as Dr. Harding Hooten, the chief of staff who leads the M&Ms with an iron fist and steely glare. Among his staff, you met:

* Dr. Jorge Villanueva (played by Ving Rhames), a highly respected trauma chief as gentle as he is imposing in appearance. If pressed for a knee-jerk and most likely spot-on diagnosis, he’s your guy.

* Dr. Tyler Wilson (Jamie Bamber), an elite neurosurgeon who in the premiere made a call that came back (and will continue) to haunt him, rattling as it did old demons. He is very close with…

* Dr. Tina Ridgeway (Jennifer Finnigan), a brilliant neuro whose home life is an apparent mess. Seriously, you may as well stamp an expiration date on the beleaguered husband’s forehead. She is besties with…

* Dr. Sydney Napur (Sarayu Rao), a pitbull who suffers no fools. She regularly butts heads with Dr. Lieberman (played by Jonathan Silverman aka Finnigan’s real-life hubby), and where there’s smoke…. etcetera.

* Transplant specialist Dr. Buck Tierney, played by Bill Irwin, is the resident ass — and that’s exactly what he makes of himself next week when circling a dying patient, waiting for organs. David E. Kelley, while otherwise restrained here when it comes to his trademark character quirks, gave this guy squeaky shoes.

* Dr. Sung Park (Keong Sim) is dangerously game to play with the latest toys and techniques. He received from Kelley an absurdly fractured grasp of English and zero bedside manner. Next week he delivers the memorable prognosis, “Do not? Dead.”

* Dr. Michelle Robidaux (Emily Swallow), a mere 20-something resident, is the typical eager beaver amongst weary vets.

The pilot, I thought, was strong, though I’d argue that Week 2 really illustrated the show’s promise, when several of the doctors gets involved in the case of a child prodigy, and Tierney is targeted by an M&M. But what did you think of Monday Mornings?

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Hollywood Life: ‘Bachelor’ Recap: Sean Lowe’s Surprise Twist Angers The Girls

Hollywood Life
Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics
thumbnail 'Bachelor' Recap: Sean Lowe's Surprise Twist Angers The Girls
Feb 5th 2013, 04:00

Sean brings his lovely ladies to Montana, where they are forced to chop wood and chug goat milk for Sean’s love — and no, that is not a dirty metaphor.

The group date challenges on The Bachelor get more ridiculous every week, as Sean Lowe's ladies jet off on a “worldwide trip” to Montana (Chris Harrison obviously never paid attention during geography) where they partook in a series of ridiculous challenges on Feb. 4. But it was also the best episode ever, as my girl Wedding Dress Lindsay got invited on a one on one date with Sean! They went on a sexy helicopter date — man, there are a lot of helicopter rides on this show — and Lindsay made out with Sean. You go, girl!

Sean Lowe & Lindsay’s Private Date

Sean then took Lindsay to a romantic log cabin for some wine, a wood fire, — all the was missing was some cheesy music. After some make out time, and Lindsay told him all about her childhood as an army brat. Lindsay is so deep, and for once I am not being sarcastic. And my homegirl gets a rose! If Sean doesn’t pick her as his bride, I will cry.

They then go to a street concert for some slow music and they dance in the middle of all the town folk, until Sean picks up Lindsay ala Dirty Dancing! ABC should just call off the rest of the series — we have a winner.

A Competitive Relay Race

Selma, Lesley, Daniella, Sarah, AshLee, Catherine, Desiree and Robyn arrive for a relay race, where they must carry hay, saw wood, milk a goat, canoe and then chug the goat’s milk. The girls are split into two teams and don checkered shirts to degrade themselves in the name of love.

The final challenge was when the girls had to milk goats and drink the milk, and I’m sure plenty of fetishists around the country had a great time while watching them. The red team — Sarah, Selma, Desiree and Robyn — win and therefore secure more time with the Texan beefcake, while the losers head home in a funk.

Until Sean suddenly feels guilty and invites the losers to join, and the red team are pissed! Fair enough — they did chug goat milk. The blue girls arrive, and guess who silently tags along? Evil Tierra! That girl really has no shame, especially since she stole one of the lovely blue checkered shirts.

Tierra drags Sean outside, and since Sean is as dumb as a box of rocks he goes with her. Tierra, who was going to be joining Sean for a two-on-one date with Jackie the following day, manipulates Sean with a quick make out session and makes him promise to follow his heart. I have a feeling that Jackie will be packing her bags…

Sean makes out with AshLee and Catherine, but no amount of his man whoring has left him with mono — yet. Daniella starts to cry, probably because she had gotten no air time, so Sean makes out with her too and she nabs the only rose! And the red team girls are highly unimpressed that a losing member bagged the rose.

All is fair in love and war girls!

Tierra & Jackie’s Two-On-One Date With Sean

Evil Tierra cackles like the witch she is when she arrives for the horse riding date, as she thinks it is hysterical that Jackie is unaware that she had met Sean. What a hag!

Sean, Tierra and Jackie go on what has to be the most awkward date there has ever been on The Bachelor. Once the wine starts flowing however, Jackie opens up her big mouth and starts dissing Tierra, which is a terrible move! Or a Tierrable move. Girl, don’t you know that nothing comes of talking trash? Look what happened to Kacie B! They have some make out time however, and then Sean takes the girls to a romantic dinner that looks remarkably like the place he took Lindsay.

Sean and Tierra have some alone time, where Tierra talks about her former boyfriend who died. Who knows if what she is saying is true, but Sean seems sympathetic. Tierra gets the rose and she and Sean watch a fireworks display, while Jackie goes home. I’m pretty convinced that Tierra was a cockroach in a former life, because that girl could survive a nuclear explosion.

Elimination & The Rose Ceremony

Tensions run high at the elimination cocktail party, as the girls are enraged that Jackie was sent home over Tierra. Tierra sits on her own at the fire while contemplating punching the other girls, and they stare at her and bitch about her. When Robyn decides to confront her, frankly, I’m afraid.

Tierra has a bee in her bonnet when the girls approach her, and she seriously talks them down, in her typical screechy way. The tables turn however, when Sean confronts her about her attitude with the other girls. Tierra has the gall to call herself a “nice girl”, and once again Sean is way too sympathetic.

Feeling like he is being conned (which he is), Sean asks Lesley for her advice, and she tells him straight: Tierra is crazy. But Sean decides to “follow his heart.” Excuse me while I vomit. Sean decides to get some brotherly advice from his mentor Chris, but he doesn’t seem to have any clarity by the end of the conversation.

Sean eventually eliminates Robyn at the rose ceremony. Good bye and good luck Robyn.

Sidenote: This is a momentous occasion, as for once, Sean makes it through an entire episode without taking his shirt off! One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Don’t forget to come back to on Feb. 5 for another recap of The Bachelor!

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Did Sean make the right decision at the rose ceremony?

WATCH: ‘The Bachelor’ Goes To Montana

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– Eleanore Hutch

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TVLine: The Following Recap: Down in Flames

TV News, Previews, Spoilers, Casting Scoop, Interviews
thumbnail The Following Recap: Down in Flames
Feb 5th 2013, 02:59

Ryan Hardy, who’s apparently not miserable enough for Kevin Williamson’s liking, took on an additional world of hurt in this week’s episode of The Following.

Thanks to Joe Carroll, our alcoholic, barely sleeping, slightly too thin, literally and figuratively brokenhearted hero shouldered guilt for a bunch of new murders. Meanwhile, we met some more of Joe’s followers and got some very interesting backstory on a few others. Let’s review the major developments in “The Poet’s Fire.”

WHO’S THE NEW GUY? | The hour opens with a slight rewind on the attack that ended the last episode; this time, we see the follower in the Poe mask entertaining a crowd with a streetside recitation before dumping fuel on a passer-by and lighting him aflame. Turns out, the victim is an influential book critic who slaughtered Carroll’s novel, The Gothic Sea. (That’ll be important later.)

At the FBI command center, Debra and Ryan talk about the multiple sets of fingerprints were found at the followers’ hideout; Emma, Jake, Paul and Jordy are a given, but that leaves a few unaccounted-for crazy people. Debra also wonders what message Carroll’s trying to communicate. “I witnessed him in class. He could engage and inspire his students in ways I’d never seen before,” Ryan offers, which doesn’t exactly answer her question but does hint at what we eventually find out: Ryan was a little charmed by Carroll himself before realizing what a monster he was. The feds get news that Jordy is awake after his surgery, but he’s disinclined to help them – as a former corrections officer, he knows he won’t last long in in prison, and he doesn’t seem to care. The only thing that rattles him a little is Ryan’s news that Joe knows his portly pupil failed to kill Claire. Still, Jordy refuses to say anything and instead sings the theme to The Greatest American Hero (ha!) to himself, which makes Ryan slug him. Hey! Show William Katt a little respect!

THE BLAME GAME | Through security footage and DMV records, the FBI realize that Carroll’s masked flamePoer is a man named Rick Kester. At his home, they find Kester’s estranged wife Maggie, who’s a skittish, nervous ball of abuse. “Rick can be scary when he wants to be,” she says, and a police report documenting the time he stabbed her in the belly seems to back that up. Debra believes her. “She’s my mother, my sister, my other sister,” the G-woman muses. Interesting… Though Ryan wants another shot at talking to Joe, Debra says she’ll do it. She starts by flattering him, but Carroll only wants to communicate with his pal Hardy, whom he addresses via the close-circuit camera. “There are really only three people I hold accountable for my professional downfall,” he says, velvet-voiced. Ryan realizes that those people are himself, the critic Rick flambéed and Phillip Barnes, the dean who denied Caroll tenure. Too bad Rick, who we see via flashback has devoted himself to getting revenge on the prof’s professional enemies, is one step ahead of the FBI. He offs Barnes, ratcheting Ryan’s guilt a few notches higher. “Carroll’s out to torture you,” Debra points out. “It’s working,” Ryan notes.

FOOLED YA | Agent Reilly accompanies Maggie Kester back to her place, and against Debra’s wishes/orders, Ryan and Mike sit outside in Mike’s car, stakeout-style. (Loved Mike’s attempts to bond with his idol, loved even more when Ryan shut it down by getting out of the car to stretch his legs.) At the exact same time at the hospital, Debra tricks Jordy into giving up two key pieces of info: No one follower has all the information (“We divide the secret”) and despite her battered wife act, Maggie is a follower, too – and she knows where Claire Matthews’ son Joey is.  That info comes too late for poor Agent Reilly, though, who tries to protect Maggie when there’s some scary thumping at her back door and is rewarded by her slashing his jugular. (Side note: After the nude eyeballer incident in the first episode, maybe all agents involved in the case should know to duck when they see a text message that says something like “Now,” no?)

Flashbacks show us that Rick stabbing Maggie wasn’t an incident of domestic abuse; it was him practicing to try to get over his squeamishness with knives. And in the present day, as the pair try to escape, Ryan shoots Rick twice but Maggie slips away. The moral of the story, driven home by Debra lamenting her faith in Maggie and Ryan remembering how cool he thought Joe was when they first hung out: Everyone gets snowed sometimes. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Jordy tearfully screams his apology to his absent mentor, rips his shoulder dressing with his teeth and then starts to swallow it, choking himself. Impressive.

THREE’S A CROWD | Off at Casa Cracked, Paul tries to make nice with Emma… who gives him the sweetest look as she slices his forearm with a kitchen knife. “Don’t try to turn Jacob against me. It won’t work,” she warns him. Later, Paul calls Jacob a liar and takes off with the car. He picks up a stock girl at a local convenience store and takes her out into the woods for a little kissing and head trauma before bringing her home so he won’t feel like a “third wheel” around lovebirds Emma and Jacob.

Realizing that stuff is about to get real, Jake sends Emma to check on Joey (who, by the way, is still unaware that he’s been kidnapped). “We promised we wouldn’t tell anyone, especially Emma,” Jacob reminds his former roommate. Whatever could he be talking about? Unless… Yup. Though in an earlier flashback we saw both men balk at the idea of playing gay to gain Sarah Fuller’s trust – which, for the record, was Emma’s idea (“gay chicken,” ha!) – we now witness the first night they drunkenly hooked up for real in their shared townhouse. It’s hot. And messed up, given the circumstances. (But mostly hot.) Note to Paul: If Emma slashed you over merely trying to win Jacob’s allegiance, she’s gonna have your parts on platter when this little secret comes to light.

All of the tangled feelings drama doesn’t interfere with the followers’ agenda, though, because they’re able to record a video of Joey and email it to Claire. She summons Ryan, who watches in horror as Jacob teaches a reluctant Joey to kill a bug and then a mouse. Taking a living being out of existence, he tells the boy, means “your life means a little more.” Claire realizes they’re teaching her son to become a monster. Then, as instructed by Emma and Jacob, Joey turns to the camera and waves with another creepy message disguised in an innocent package: “Hi Ryan!”

Now it’s your turn. Did you see the Paul-Jacob complication coming? Do you think – as I do — that maybe Ryan’s taking on a little too much responsibility for the insane machinations of a criminal mastermind? And how soon in the episode did you suspect Maggie wasn’t what she said she was? Sound off in the comments!

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Hollywood Life: Jay-Z: Why He Didn’t Join Beyoncé In Super Bowl Performance — Report

Hollywood Life
Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics
thumbnail Jay-Z: Why He Didn't Join Beyoncé In Super Bowl Performance — Report
Feb 5th 2013, 02:35

Though Beyoncé’s halftime show on Feb. 3 saw her reunite with Destiny’s Child, it was devoid of an on-stage appearance by husband Jay-Z! Read on to find out why the rap mogul made the decision to stay out of his wife’s spotlight!

No doubt about it, Beyoncé‘s halftime show at Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3 was the stuff of legends. One of the fiercest divas in the game, totally owning the world’s biggest stage, complete with a fan-pleasing reunion with her former Destiny’s Child bandmates — what could have been done to make it any bigger? Well, maybe an appearance from her rap superstar husband Jay-Z, but a new report explains that her hubby didn’t want to steal her spotlight. As if that was even possible!

When Beyoncé, 31, began performing her smash hit “Crazy In Love” (with features a rap verse from Jay-Z, 43), many fans hoped and expected to see Hova on stage with his wife. Sadly, it never happened. As a source tells Us Weekly, the rap mogul made the decision to stay on the sidelines at the last minute.

“He wanted that to be her moment and didn’t want to take away from it,” a source close to the couple tells the magazine. “She had been working her a** off.” Instead, he watched the explosive performance from a special designated area, along with their 12-month-old daughter, Blue Ivy, and other family members.

Beyoncé’s Note Of Praise

Beyoncé was quite proud of all of the performances that took place during the Super Bowl, not just her own. After the game, she shared a handwritten note on her Tumblr that read, “What a proud day for AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN!!!!! Kelly, Michelle, Alicia, Jhud [Jennifer Hudson]. You are all beautiful, talented and showed so much class! It was an honor to perform at the Super Bowl with you phenomenal ladies. Love Beyoncé."

Do you wish Jay-Z had joined Beyoncé on stage, HollywoodLifers?

WATCH: Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

– Billy Nilles

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TVLine: Exclusive Lying Game First Look: Emma Inches Closer to Uncovering Rebecca's Big Mama Secret

TV News, Previews, Spoilers, Casting Scoop, Interviews
thumbnail Exclusive Lying Game First Look: Emma Inches Closer to Uncovering Rebecca's Big Mama Secret
Feb 5th 2013, 02:30

Emma and Thayer are going to have to take a break from making googly eyes at each other in this Tuesday’s The Lying Game (ABC Family, 9/8c) after new info about the twins’ birth mother (aka Rebecca) comes to light.

RELATED | Lying Game Boss on More Mama Drama and Twisty Love 'Quadrangles'

Watch the lovebirds start to piece together one of Sutton’s many lies — and Rebecca’s identity — in the following exclusive first look, then hit the comments!

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Click here to view the embedded video.

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Hollywood Life: Robert Pattinson: His Lonely Life Filming Without Kristen Stewart

Hollywood Life
Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics
thumbnail Robert Pattinson: His Lonely Life Filming Without Kristen Stewart
Feb 5th 2013, 02:23

Rob’s time filming ‘The Rover’ down under has been revealed to be quite a lonely experience, as a local Adelaide newspaper writes that he’s been shooting in largely deserted towns! Do you think he misses Kristen yet?

When Robert Pattinson left for Australia to being shooting his new movie, The Rover, he requested a trial separation from girlfriend Kristen Stewart, hoping to have some time to focus on work and reevaluate his relationship. But could his newly-revealed lonely existence in Adelaide lead him back into Kristen’s wanting arms?

Local Adeliade newspaper The Advertiser writes that Rob, 26, and the rest of his crew have been filming deep in remote locations. On Feb. 3, the paper caught Rob and crew shooting in the Flinders Ranges, a mountain range just northwest of Adelaide. The film claimed “ownership” of the town of just six buildings that they were filming in, closing roads and blocking any views of the heartthrob star with umbrellas.

Prior to this bit of filming, the crew was spotted rolling film in an even more remote location, the newspaper writes, the largely deserted town of Bruce. For the rest of the month, the crew is expected to move deeper into the mountain range, taking Rob further into his Australian Outback desolation.

Kristen Stewart’s Feeling Neglected By Robert Pattinson

Could Rob’s lonely time away be exactly what Kristen, 22, needs to lead him back to her? As previously reported, KStew has been feeling neglected by her beau ever since he went away. “With Robert out the country, a thousand miles away working in Australia, Kristen has been missing him badly," a source told Radar Online. "The time difference is 18-and-a-half hours between Los Angeles and Adelaide, where Robert is, so it's proving a difficulty for them to speak to each other regularly and easily."

"Robert is often starting his working day when Kristen is busy, and vice versa. And he's not the best at sending texts, or keeping in touch in the first place. Kristen is angry with him because she thinks he's not giving her enough attention – it's absolutely killing her."

Perhaps his time in the desolate Australian outback will do just the trick!

Do you think Rob’s lonely time away will lead him back to Kristen, HollywoodLifers?

WATCH: Kristen Stewart Writes Love Letter To Get Robert Pattinson Back

– Billy Nilles

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