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Hollywood Life: ‘RHOBH’ Recap: Brandi Glanville And Adrienne Maloof’s Nasty Face Off

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thumbnail 'RHOBH' Recap: Brandi Glanville And Adrienne Maloof's Nasty Face Off
Feb 12th 2013, 06:59

The fire officially burns when Brandi and Adrienne come face-to-face at a tea gathering at Lisa’s house. If you didn’t see it, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for all the details!

Don’t you just love these 90210 ladies? On the new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which aired Feb. 11, Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof go in on one another when the ladies stop by Lisa Vanderpump‘s house for a tea party. It’s explosive!

But before we get to the climax, let’s recap the show, shall we?

Kyle Richards & Lisa Vanderpump’s Heart-To-Heart

The episode begins with Kyle Richards and Lisa, as Lisa is hurt that Kyle didn’t defend her when Camille Grammer attacked her in Las Vegas on last week’s show, claiming Lisa didn’t own her restaurant, SUR.

Lisa, who says she thinks highly of Kyle and respects her and her family, thinks her “friend” should have stepped up in her defense against Camille.

“You knew I was very sensitive about you not defending me in the past,” Lisa says to Kyle, referring to the incident on last year’s reunion when Adrienne accused the shows matriarch of selling stories to the tabloids.

“You hold a grudge,” Kyle tells her. “I’ve also been hurt by Lisa.”

The women continue talking, and Kyle starts crying after Lisa pressures her to apologize.

After a heartfelt talk, it seems the two ladies are in the process of patching up their relationship and even toast a glass of rosé to seal the deal.

Brandi Glanville & Yolanda Foster Gossip About Adrienne Maloof

The show goes on, and Brandi meets up with Yolanda Foster, talking about her worries over seeing Adrienne for the first time since they had a huge fight a few episodes back.

Brandi appeared nervous when speaking to Yolanda and said she’s not the type of girl who can’t speak her mind — she won’t be censored.

Brandi’s talk with Yolanda seemed to have helped ease her mind and now, all the ladies, with the exception of Yolanda, head to Lisa’s house where it gets extremely interesting and down right nasty!

Lisa’s Tea Party Has An Unwelcome Guest — Faye Resnick!

For starters, Kyle and Adrienne arrive and they bring a surprise guest, the one and only Faye Resnick. Taylor Armstrong literally runs away when she sees Faye, and Lisa wasn’t too particularly happy when Faye walked in the door.

Meanwhile, everyone’s asking where Kim Richards is and get this — her excuse will kill you. Kim calls and tells Lisa she’s been hit in the face by her dog. Yes, only Kim could concoct such an excuse.

Anyway, here’s where it gets good!

The Rumble Begins!

The ladies all grab their drinks and head to Lisa’s outdoor table and prepare to share a quaint lunch. Of course, someone gets drunk and surprise, surprise, it’s Taylor!

Lisa jokingly asks Taylor to do a cartwheel in her backyard, but not before she signs a release. Taylor jabs back and says “If I break my neck on a head spring….everybody loves to sue everyone here so that’ll be fun. So I’ll sue you if I break my neck, how about that.”

That was clearly a dig at Adrienne and Brandi’s current situation.

Lisa Tries To Shut Down Taylor’s Drunken Antics

Lisa pulls Taylor aside and tells her to “cut the innuendos,” meanwhile, Adrienne tells the other ladies that she isn’t suing Brandi. Interesting…

Taylor clearly didn’t care what Lisa said because the minute she rejoins the group at the table, she confronts Adrienne about suing Brandi.

Adrienne maintains she’s not suing Brandi, in fact, she’s adamant she isn’t.

Adrienne & Brandi: Who’s Telling The Truth?

Adrienne and Brandi are now involved in a heated argument where Brandi says she’s being sued and Adrienne MAINTAINS she’s not suing her.

The back and forth continues, and Brandi’s starting to loose it, saying “Are you joking?” Adrienne slams back, “Shame on you.”

At this point, Brandi gets up and leaves the tables, saying, “Adrienne, you’re full of fu**ing sh**.”

And with that, we’ve all got to wait until next week for more 90210 drama.

Sound off, HollywoodLifers. Whose story are you buying? Brandi or Adrienne’s


– Eric Ray

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Hollywood Life: ‘Teen Mom 2′: Leah Says Ex-Husband Corey Comes Before Fiance Jeremy

Hollywood Life
Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics
thumbnail 'Teen Mom 2′: Leah Says Ex-Husband Corey Comes Before Fiance Jeremy
Feb 12th 2013, 06:00

In the explosive ‘Teen Mom 2′ reunion with Dr. Drew, Leah reveals she’s still in love with Corey — and if he wanted her back, she would leave fiance Jeremy to make her family with Corey work! Plus, Chelsea’s dad Randy calls out Adam for being a deadbeat dad, Kailyn dishes the dirt on Jo’s girlfriend Vee and Jenelle gushes about her new boo Gary.

Leah Messer and her ex-husband Corey Simms had been flirtatious all during season three of Teen Mom 2, but Leah’s love triangle between her baby daddy and current fiance Jeremy Calvert came to a head on the reunion show with Dr. Drew Pinksy on Feb. 11 when Leah admitted once and for all her true feelings for Corey.

Leah Messer Admits Divorcing Corey Simms Was A Mistake

When Leah sits down with Dr. Drew, she explains how she suffered a miscarriage when she was eight weeks along with Jeremy’s baby — the baby she was carrying after the positive pregnancy test during the season finale.

But Dr. Drew insists that having more kids right away was probably not the best idea — especially with twins already, an ex-husband and a daughter with developmental challenges. But Leah doesn’t feel that way — in fact, she flat-out admits that she wanted to have a baby with Jeremy to “have that family feeling with him” like she had with Corey.

Even though Dr. Drew insits she is still living in a fantasy of having a happy ever after in a new family with Jeremy, Leah drops a bombshell when she reveals the only reason she and Corey aren’t together is because he couldn’t make up his mind, and the exes still talk and flirt every day like they are best friends.

“I know we would still be a family if Corey said he wanted to go to counseling,” Leah reveals. ”I know we could have made this work, and you do too,” she says to Corey.

He seems to agree, but also isn’t 100 percent sold on the fact that their relationship would have survived again. But Leah says if Corey said the word, she would leave Jeremy and get back together with Corey — her relationship with him and their girls comes before anything else, including Jeremy.

So what does that mean for Jeremy?

The poor guy caught in the middle joined his fiance and her ex, and even admitted that he would be hurt if Leah called their relationship off, but understands there is a bigger picture at stake — a healthy future for Leah’s daughters is the most important.

They all kind of leave on a sour foot, but we know how that turns out — Leah and Jeremy end up getting married and having another baby!

Chelsea Houska Reveals Adam Lind Bribed Her To Stay In Their Relationship

Chelsea Houska‘s dad Randy Houska has never been a fan of her baby daddy Adam Lind — and hasn’t been shy expressing his feelings for him. But tensions grew explosive Randy revealed that Adam bribed Chelsea to stay with her in their relationship, and would tell Chelsea he would leave her if she didn’t give him money.

To make matters worse, he had a job and lived with his parents, so Randy claimed the money was going towards his four-wheelers and car, and not necessarily to child support.

Adam of course denies the whole bribing scenario, but he does say that his relationship with Chelsea is better than it has been. They are friends and can co-parent, and Adam says he just wants to put all of the drama behind them. He’s even paying child support! And is spending more time with Aubree.

Jenelle & Barbara Evans Gush About Gary Head

Jenelle Evans says that once and for all her life is back on track. Even though it was hard squitting smoking weed — it’s a lot more addictive than people think, she says! — she has been sober for months and is on the right path.

She admits that her infamous choice in which she picked going to a Ke$ha concert over going to jail was incredibly stupid, and since the show wrapped filming, she has totally changed her life for the better! She moved out, she goes to school and it making positive moves. Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans even agrees that Jenelle is doing amazingly, and says her probation officer saved her life — especially since Jenelle is now taking her medication and going to therapy.

But when Jenelle talks about her “new boyfriend” — Gary Head, who Jenelle was dating when the reunion was filmed last spring — Barbara says she LOVES him! He’s respectful, has manners, comes from a nice family and even wants to take Jenelle to church!

Even though we know the couple gets engaged, but ends up splitting soon after, it looks like they are back together after her split from Courtland Rogers. Could round two be the charm for Jenelle and Gary?

Kailyn Lowry Knocks Jo Rivera’s Girlfriend Vee Torres

Kailyn Lowry tells Dr. Drew that even though her relationship with Jordan Wenner didn’t work out, she is now dating a new man Javi Marroquin, who has goals and is going to school. But she can’t seem to get over Jo Rivera, and Dr. Drew even calls her out for still living in a fantasy of her and Jo getting back together for their family and baby Isaac.

To make matters more complicated, Kailyn admits why she doesn’t like Jo’s girlfriend Vee Torres. She says she saw several photos of Vee drinking at Jo’s house while Isaac was there, and that wasn’t cool with her as a mom — nor did the pics of Vee smoking marijuana. Kailyn also admits that Vee had asked Jo on social media to send a pic of his penis — and he did!

Jo even says he thinks he and Kailyn “test” each other from time to time to see if there is still a spark in their relationship, but he says things are good right now as they are. They are friends and can co-parent and both love their son very much. Plus, since the reunion aired, Kailyn and Javi got married! Looks like both parties are moving on nicely.

What did YOU think of the finale HollyMoms? Whose story did you find the most shocking? Let us know in the comments below!


– Christina Stiehl

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Hollywood Life: 90210 Recap: Naomi & Max Finally Find Closure

Hollywood Life
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thumbnail 90210 Recap: Naomi & Max Finally Find Closure
Feb 12th 2013, 05:32

Plus, Adrianna & Liam sabotage their careers. Good choices, all around!

After deciding to get a divorce, Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) and Max (Josh Zuckerman) wrestled with the idea of actually living separate lives on the Feb. 11 episode of 90210. Even though they still had chemistry — and I literally mean they did a chemistry experiment — they concluded it wouldn’t be fair to keep the marriage alive.

Personally, I’m shocked that this couple is over already. I mean, when Max ditched his fiancée for Naomi, then married her in a rushed courtroom proceeding, I thought to myself, “This is love. This is forever.” And just 48 hours before Valentine’s Day?! It’s like 90210 doesn’t want us to believe in love at all.

Liam Acts A Fool

Liam’s (Matt Lanter) life continued to be incredibly difficult this week, as an Oscar-winning director literally hunted him down and begged him to take on a role that would solidify him as a legit actor. But he backed out at the last minute, instead taking a detour to another underground fight.

I know it’s easy to call Liam crazy for turning down that part, but think about the sacrifices he’d have to make for his craft. Did you hear that crazy director? “Prepare to grow out your hair and sideburns?” Who does she think she is? No one tells Liam Court what do with his hair, but me. In my living room. And trust me, he hears me.

Annie Makes Money From Sex… Again

Apparently getting shot also got Annie’s (Shenae Grimes) creative juices flowing, as her blog — formerly titled “My Blog,” which I valued more than Shakespeare — has evolved into Fifty Shades of Gray-style erotica. She even managed to snag a book deal out of it, as long as no one ever reveals her identity, of course.

At first I was surprised that Annie was so knowledgable about sex, but then I remembered she’s a former prostitute who was able to convince a priest to lose his virginity to her. And you wonder why she’s my favorite character? Please.

Navid Hooks Up With Silver’s Uterus

Navid (Michael Steger) bagged himself a fine-ass lady at the bar to impress his goony new friends, which totally made dropping out of Princeton worthwhile — until he found out she just so happens to be Shane’s sister, who just so happens to be Silver’s (Jessica Stroup) surrogate!

Let’s think about this for a second: If Shane’s sister takes on Silver and Teddy’s embryo while she’s sleeping with Navid, I smell a “Who’s the daddy?” situation coming. And it smells gross. Like a uterus.

Adrianna, What Have You Become?

In a last-ditch attempt to escape her contract, Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) went out of her way to sabotage her image — because apparently she needs to try to do that now. Remember when it used to come so naturally for her? The pill-popping, the Silver-killing… our girl’s gotten rusty over the years.

Ade’s brilliant plan was to perform like crap in front of Joey McIntyre — not playing himself — to make Dixon (Tristan Wilds) look like a bad manager, but like literally everything Ade does, her plan totally blew up in her face. Now she has no contract, no boyfriend, and there are tons of topless pictures of her on the internet.

I’m crossing my fingers that 90210 gets a sixth season so I can say “I told you so” when she starts doing porn.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you bummed that Naomi and Max are over for good? Do you think Navid dating Silver’s uterus will make things weird? And what do you think the title of Adrianna’s first porno should be? Drop me a comment with all your thoughts!

— Andy Swift

Follow @AndySwift

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Hollywood Life: Chris Brown & Rihanna Hung Out With Jay-Z At Pre-Grammy Brunch

Hollywood Life
Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics
thumbnail Chris Brown & Rihanna Hung Out With Jay-Z At Pre-Grammy Brunch
Feb 12th 2013, 05:07

Rihanna has made it loud and clear that she is in love with Chris Brown and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, including Jay-Z. Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details on how the three of them bonded over Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Party.

Jay-Z has always been like a protective big brother to Rihanna, but that didn’t stop him from hanging out with RiRi and Chris Brown at his big pre-Grammy brunch bash at the swanky members-only club The Soho House on Feb.9.

Jay-Z Treats Rihanna Like Little Sister

A guest at Roc Nation’s pre-Grammy Awards Brunch at West Hollywood’s Soho House tells EXCLUSIVELY, “Chris pretty much was attached to Rihanna’s side as soon as he arrived. She was sitting next to Jay-Z on the couch sipping Champagne when Chris walked in. Jay-Z and Chris looked ok together but certainly not buddy buddy…You could tell that Jay-Z is protective of Rihanna, like she is his little sister.”

Rihanna “Crazy” In Love With Chris

“When Chris got there, Rihanna gave a him a big hug,” says the guest. “Everyone just ate food and had drinks,” says the eyewitness.

“Overall, Rihanna looked really happy to see Chris. It’s obvious that she is just crazy about him, like goo goo crazy!”

Is Rihanna More In Love With Chris?

As previously reported body language expert Dr. Lilian Glass says Rihanna is more in love with Chris, than he is with her.

“Chris Brown isn't as demonstrative to Rihanna as she is to him”, says Dr. Glass. “He's not reacting to her as she hangs all over him and holds on to herself. He doesn't even touch her."

Do You Think Rihanna and Chris Should Get Married?

Rihanna and Chris seem to be more in love than ever. What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Should they take their relationship to the next level?

–Reporting By Sandra Clark

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Hollywood Life: Black Keys Frontman Dan Auerbach Splits With Wife Before Grammys Win

Hollywood Life
Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics
thumbnail Black Keys Frontman Dan Auerbach Splits With Wife Before Grammys Win
Feb 12th 2013, 05:25

Dan’s four Grammy wins on Feb. 10 should have been cause for major celebration, but a new claim that he’s currently divorcing wife Stephanie Gonis must have put a damper on the party! Read on for all the details.

The Black Keys had a great night at The Grammys on Feb. 10. The critically-beloved band took home three statuettes in the Rock categories, for Album, Performance, and Song. Dan Auerbach, guitarist in the two-man group, also took home the coveted Producer of the Year Grammy. But it wasn’t all party for Dan, 33, as a new report claims that the musician is in the midst of a divorce with wife Stephanie Gonis!

Several sources tell Us Weekly that Dan and Stephanie are calling it quits. “Dan’s wife wasn’t there [at the ceremony] because they are going through a divorce,” one source told the magazine, adding that the separation is “unfortunate.” The “Howlin’ For You” musician was noticeably missing his wedding band as he walked the red carpet at the event.

He and Stephanie have one daughter together, 4-year-old Sadie Little Auerbach.

The Black Keys’ Grammys Acceptance Speech

While he and bandmate Patrick Carney made their acceptance speech during the ceremony inside the Staples Center, the kept their words brief, thanking their professional partners and crew and “everybody in Akron, Ohio and everybody in Nashville.”

The Black Keys Awards History

The band won Best Rock Album for El Camino, Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance for “Lonely Boy” at the ceremony. The new hardware joins their three previous Grammys, won in 2011. They took home Best Alternative Music Album and Best Recording Package for Brothers and Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for “Tighten Up”. The group also has a 2010 MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist under their belt.

Not only that, they have a busy year ahead of them. Their follow-up to El Camino is already in the works.

– Billy Nilles

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TVLine: Castle Recap: A Happy Valentine's Daze — But No Big Damn Heroes To Be Found?

TV News, Previews, Spoilers, Casting Scoop, Interviews
Castle Recap: A Happy Valentine's Daze — But No Big Damn Heroes To Be Found?
Feb 12th 2013, 04:54

This week on ABC’s Castle, a reality show was dealt a harsh one when a cast member turned up dead. But Rick was more fixated on another case: Rescuing his misdirected Valentine’s Day gift to Kate. Did he hand Gates the evidence she needs to discover the Caskett romance?

THE CASE | When young Hannah, the rising new star of The Wives of Wall Street, turns up dead with an expensive knife in her back, all eyes at first are on the reality series’ prima donna Penelope (played by Gina Torres) — especially since a bit of her fingernail was found in the victim’s scalp. Penelope admits to a “dust-up” with the new girl, but she has an alibi. Next on the suspect list was Margo (Gail O’Grady), another cast member whose screen time was waning, so she actually wanted to keep Hannah around. Adding to the mystery, Hannah was seen arguing with a guy shortly before she died, plus she was making weekly deposits of $5,000 cash. Plus, she seems to have vanished off the grid for 24 hours before being killed. Turns out that Hannah was part of a fake storyline on the show (I know, can you imagine?!) involving an extramarital affair, but she now wanted out — so Penelope and her hubby tied her up for a bit before calling their producer for help. Peter, the producer, tried to convince Hannah to stay, to no avail. She then met up with Margo’s engaged son Stone, with whom she was really in love. Stone’s fiancée got wind of their affair and used a wedding gift knife to kill off the competition. I’ll give the case a “B+,” because twice I guessed wrong (you gotta always eyeball the producer in these storylines, then I thought for sure it was Stone), plus it got in good digs at the reality-TV genre — though I hate that they made Castle a convert by the end.

THE CASKETT | What one could argue was the main storyline involved Rick and Kate keeping each other guessing about their first Valentine’s Day gifts for each other, then Rick’s “gift ninja” plan to sneak the earring box into Kate’s blazer pocket… yet landing it in Gates’ instead. “Did you write a note?! Was it romantic? Did you put my name?!” Kate fretted upon discerning Rick’s dilemma. Turns out, luckily/conveeeeeeniently, that Rick left off Kate’s name (the note read: “You are beauty, passion and fierce intellect. Be my Valentine”), so Gates thought he was sucking up to her — or worse, her being married and all. The hour ends with Kate at her place, giving her gift to Rick, sliding open her dresser drawer to reveal… his own drawer. She begins to apologize, “I know it’s not a light saber,” but Rick stops her to assure, “No — it’s perfect.” Even more perfect: Kate asks/orders him to “take off your clothes, put them in your drawer, and meet me in bed.” Hopefully Rick still isn’t fidgeting with those shirt buttons!

THE QUIPS | Ryan, in between rounds of baby-making with Jenny: “I feel like a rooster in a hen-house — only there’s just one bossy hen.” Later, Ryan arrives late at the precinct saying, “I had to run home and…” “Cock-a-doodle-doo?” Rick teases…. ABC spoofing its own Shark Tank with Shark Pool (hosted by the original Jerry Jacks aka Julian Stone)…. Martha wishing there was reality-TV in her day: “No script, overacting, screaming…. What a gig!”…. Javy rattling off French to Lanie as they sneak off for their own V-Day plans.

But really — and surely someone will correct me pronto if I am wrong — not one direct exchange between Firefly castmates Nathan Fillion and guest star Torres? Let alone a wink-wink in-joke…?

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Hollywood Life: ‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Sean Lowe Finally Eliminates [SPOILER]

Hollywood Life
Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics
thumbnail 'The Bachelor' Recap: Sean Lowe Finally Eliminates [SPOILER]
Feb 12th 2013, 04:14

Wow, tonight was the elimination we have all been waiting for. Things got heated on the island of St. Croix, and not from the sun! Sean had some important decisions to make, and ‘The Bachelor’ got real.

On Feb. 11, Sean Lowe had to make some tough decisions, as he had to bring the playing field from six down to four on The Bachelor. And thank the dear lord the Southern gentleman decided to cut the fat and give one of the girls the much needed heave ho! On this episode, Sean decided to fly his final six ladies to St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, and for the first time this season, I am actually jealous of the Bachelor contestants. But, in the full glare of all that sunshine, one of them dropped a bomb that nearly cost her the rose…

Sean Lowe Takes AshLee On A Private Date

Sean, 29, took AshLee on the first private date, and they went out to a private island for some sexy alone time. Tierra, 24, unimpressed that AshLee, 32, got the first date, called her a “cougar.” Meow! If anyone has claws, it’s Tierra.

While sailing with Sean, AshLee spills the beans about what a fugly skank Tierra really is. They make out and that looks fun and all, but the real party is back on the beach, where the other Bachelorettes — Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay and Lesley — are drinking cocktails, sunbathing and bitching about evil Tierra.

Sean then takes AshLee for a romantic dinner on the beach, where she drops a bomb! The dramatic music swells, AshLee fumbles with her words, and after spewing out a ton of word vomit, she reveals her dark secret. She got married when she was 17-years-old! Sean doesn’t really seem to care, which is pretty mature of him.

They then yell like idiots on the beach for a while — they say that people can go mad in intense heat — and then make out in front of the cameras. So romantic.

Tierra Acts Insane On Private Date With Sean

Tierra finally gets a private date with Sean, she complains the whole time! Damn girl, are you ever happy? Sean shuts her up when he takes her shopping for local produce including some jewelry made of shells. Tierra gushes: “He bought me such nice stuff on the first date!” Eh, she wouldn’t be too impressed if she knew he had taken Leslie H to Neil Lane for diamonds.

They dance, they get snow cones, and then Tierra moans some more about how the girls are so mean to her. She thinks that Sean seems distant, and she threatens to do some serious damage to whatever girl dissed her. Gulp. I would not want to be in AshLee’s shoes right about now…

Sean and the fugly skank go for dinner, and Tierra talks more shizz. Tierra decides to get the girls back because she is annoyed “they threw her under the bus.” Ugh, she is so delusional. There is some more sexy making out on the beach, and Sean once again seems hood winked by her big eyes and evil soul. Im literally banging my head off the table here Sean; you were so close!

Sexy Hiking On The Group Date

Sean takes Catherine, Desiree and my favorite, Wedding Dress Lindsay on a group date to hike the island, and it actually looks like so much fun. They watch the sunrise, they go to some sugar making place, but things turn sour when Desiree monopolises Sean’s time. Wedding Dress Lindsay swaps the dress for a bikini, and she seems like so much fun. Just pick her Sean!

Sean and the girls go swimming on the west side of the island, and then they watch the sun set. Sean and Lindsay sit and kiss in the surf, and Sean admits that he is “crazy about her.” Sean and his humongous muscles then sit with Catherine as she talks about her dad’s depression and his tough life. It really makes for pleasant viewing — not.

And then Desperate Desiree kills the mood when she starts weeping that she is not getting enough time with Sean, and then she harps on about how she can’t wait to bring him home and meet her parents. Eh, don’t you realize he will be meeting three other girls parents too?

But woohoo!!! Wedding Dress Lindsay gets the only rose of the night! Desiree is pissed. But at least Sean has plenty of alcohol to help her cope.

Sean Takes Lesley For A One On One

Sean takes lovely Lesley for a chilled date to “pick some fruit” on a private date. Is he serious? AshLee gets a catamaran and Lesley gets fruit picking? Talk about drawing the short straw! They go for a picnic in some pretty garden, and right when things are getting intimate, Lesley bails and suggests they go do some more fruit picking. What? Who picks fruit picking over kissing?

Their date was pretty boring overall, and Lesley’s place in the final looks uncertain.

Tierra Confronts AshLee

Nothing quite makes a sexy holiday like having your sister visit. Sean’s sister Shay Lowe arrives and knocks some sense into Sean, as she makes him realize that Tierra is shady. Listen to your sister Sean!

Meanwhile, Tierra and AshLee have a huge argument and all that is missing is mud and a wrestling ring! Tierra points out AshLee’s age again — yikes! — and then yells at her for a while. When AshLee says that Tierra is always making rude faces and raising her eyebrows, things really kick off, and we see some “red hot tears.”

“Thats my face, I can’t help that. I can’t control my eyebrow! I can’t control my eyebrows!” screeches Tierra. Wow — she in incapable of extreme evil but she doesn’t how to control her brows?

Sean, who is sitting with his sister, decides to go fetch Tierra, and boy does he get a rude awakening! He then realizes what a phony she is when she cries AGAIN, and he decides to send her home because he knows she is stirring the pot. He is way too nice about it though.

Who cares — ding dong the witch is dead!

Evil Tierra then cries in the car home, and she is STILL blaming the girls for her downfall. Old habits die hard I guess! LOL — good bye Tierra! She and her “sparkle” sail off into the sunset, and not one person is sad to see crazy ass leave the island. Tierra should go write a damning love song about Sean, Taylor Swift style. Somehow I reckon she’s not that talented however.


The girls look like fat kids in a candy store when Sean admits that he eliminated Tierra. There is no cocktail party, so to make things extra dramatic Sean brings it straight to the rose ceremony. No alcohol for the girls? Poor call Sean, poor call. And you know things are serious when the music starts! Chris Harrison also makes an appearance, because god forbid there was no one there to state the obvious.

Sean sent home Lesley, and she cries too. Oh well! Sean now has his final four — Lindsay (Yay!), Desiree, Catherine and AshLee.

Newt week is going to be exciting, because you know what’s next — home town dates!

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Are you happy with the final four? Are you glad that Tierra is finally gone?

WATCH: ‘The Bachelor’: Sean Eliminates Selma, Tierra Gets ‘Hypothermia

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– Eleanore Hutch

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Hollywood Life: Celebrities At Fashion Week: Shay Mitchell, Victoria Justice & More

Hollywood Life
Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics
thumbnail Celebrities At Fashion Week: Shay Mitchell, Victoria Justice & More
Feb 12th 2013, 04:12

See the stylish stars who stepped out for the shows & VOTE for who YOU think is the best dressed at fashion week so far!

Even frigid conditions in NYC couldn’t keep these stylish stars away from the front row! From Shay Mitchell to Victoria Justice and Katharine McPhee, see who braved the weather to take in the Fall 2013 collections.

At DVF on Feb. 10, we saw Shay looking pretty in a pink pair of trousers. She took in the glam rock collection along with Kat McPhee and Sarah Jessica Parker — and that wasn’t her only show of the day! Shay also popped up in the front row of DKNY, where she was seated next to Victoria Justice.

While last season Liberty Ross returned to the runway for Alexander Wang, this season she opted to take in the show from the front row — and she looked fabulous!

Ashley Greene looked sleek and chic in a white sleeveless dress at Kaufman Franco, where the Twilight star was seated next to 30 Rock‘s Jane Krakowski who looked sexy in a plunging gown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC on Feb. 11.

Katharine McPhee has been quite busy this fashion week and she continued to make the rounds on Feb. 11 when she turned up at alice + olivia’s Fall 2013 presentation. The collection brought out a slew of stars, including Vanessa Hudgens, AnnaSophia Robb and Victoria Justice.

Earlier in the day, Uma Thurman looked striking in the front row at Donna Karan’s Fall 2013 show on Feb. 11 at Cedar Lake, where she was dressed in chic separates.

See who else turned up to take in the shows & VOTE for who YOU think donned the best look of the night below! Who do you think was best dressed during New York Fashion Week so far?

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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Hollywood Life: ‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: Sebastian Hooks Up With Donna

Hollywood Life
Latest Hollywood Gossip, News & Celeb Pics
thumbnail 'The Carrie Diaries' Recap: Sebastian Hooks Up With Donna
Feb 12th 2013, 04:09

Carrie goes crazy when she finds out that Sebastian is ‘hanging out’ with Donna LaDonna — literally! Plus, Walt and Mouse watch porn together.

The Feb. 11 episode of The Carrie Diaries, “Dangerous Territory,” was all about flirting with sexuality and new flings! Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) is devastated to find out Sebastian (Austin Butler) moved on with her arch nemesis Donna LaDonna (Chloe Bridges), so she hooks up with an old friend, whom she runs into at work. His name is George. And while he’s certainly no Sebastian, he’s not hard on the eyes.

Carrie & Sebastian Date Other People

Carrie is about to pass her test to obtain her driver’s license when she spots Sebastian kissing Donna in the rearview mirror. Instead of parallel parking, Carrie revs the accelerator and aims for the kissing duo. Obviously, she fails the test and Donna think she’s crazy. Sebastian, on the other hand, acts very nonchalant about the whole thing (Oh, you just tried to hit with me your car? What’s up!).

When Sebastian admits he’s been “hanging out” with Donna, Carrie decides to call up George and accept his invitation to go on a date. Revenge dating? That’s the best kind!

Carrie accompanies George to a gala-type event hosted by his mother. Unfortunately, there are high standards for this party, which Carrie has a hard time living up to. (I swear — I felt like Carrie jumped into an episode of Gossip Girl. Right?!)

There’s not much romance on this date, but after initially hating the Connecticut broad, George’s mother warms up to Carrie after she realizes she knew her mother. Carrie finds out her mother loved New York City and never wanted to leave.

Walt & Mouse Perfect Their Sex Skills

Awkward much? Hell, who am I kidding? Walt (Brendan Dooling) is so sexy and handsome that I loved this storyline. Mouse (Ellen Wong) is insecure about how she performs in bed, so she seeks Walt’s help on the matter. Why, you may ask? Because ever since he bedded Maggie (Katie Findlay), she’s been raving about his skills. So, Walt and Mouse watch a kama sutra instructional video together.

There’s a chance that Walt’s trying to persuade himself that he’s straight — or he’s merely trying to convince Maggie. Either way, I’d rather see him locking lips with hot guys. (Maggie is such a bore. I liked her better when she was fondling the cop.)

Mouse sleeps with Seth and rocks his world. In the interim of multiple romp sessions, she finds out that her college boyfriend slept with a number of girls while they were “on a break.” Due to her heightened skills under the sheets, he assumes the same of her. But because she’s a girl, it’s so not cool (To him, not me.) Mouse admits she learned her skills from Walt, which causes an awkward moment later on, but in the end, the truth behind the video is revealed. Seth and Maggie find it cute that their significant others went to such lengths to please them.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Were you a fan of this episode? Who is your favorite character to watch? Tell us below!

— Chris Rogers


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TVLine: The Following Post Mortem: Valorie Curry Reveals Why the Trio's Steamy [Spoiler] Is 'a Huge Risk!'

TV News, Previews, Spoilers, Casting Scoop, Interviews
thumbnail The Following Post Mortem: Valorie Curry Reveals Why the Trio's Steamy [Spoiler] Is 'a Huge Risk!'
Feb 12th 2013, 02:59

The following interview contains spoilers from Monday’s episode of The Following. If you’ve yet to watch, avert your eyes now.

Who knew scary could be so sexy?

The Following on Monday took the already twisted love triangle of Emma, Paul and Jacob to steamy new heights when — after the latter botched a kill — his at-odds other halves teamed up, “fixed” his mistake and decided to rinse off the day in a shower… together. But that’s not all. The newly-bonded pair also took it upon themselves to show Jacob their united front by inviting him to suds it up, too.

So, what’s next for the, ahem, threesome? Does Emma truly accept Paul? Will Jacob’s lackluster kill record impact his relationship(s)? In the interview below, The Following‘s scene-stealer Valorie Curry answers those questions and more.

TVLINE | Creator Kevin Williamson once described that shower scene to reporters as a threesome, though not in the traditional sense of the word. How would you explain what happened in those final moments?
It’s so much more emotional than it is sexual. Obviously it is a threesome, but what is so important to Emma about that moment is that it’s a moment of total vulnerability on her part — with Paul and of their acceptance of each other. That is a huge risk! Anytime she lets herself become emotionally vulnerable, she lets down her guard. But they all sort of agree to do that. It’s this huge step they take in terms of trusting each other.

RELATED | The Following‘s Natalie Zea Previews Claire/Ryan Romance, a ‘Delightfully Weird’ Moment With Joe

TVLINE | Does Emma genuinely like Paul now? Will there be a noticeable shift in their dynamic moving forward?
They do all genuinely care for each other, but at the same time, it’s a big step that they take — both emotionally and physically — and everyone’s going to have different reactions to that. There’s an aftermath to it that I think people will be surprised by.

TVLINE | Is there any concern among the trio that perhaps Emma and Paul will bond over their lust to kill, leaving Jacob out of the loop?
That’s going to be a very important part of our dynamic and our relationship. It’s one thing to acknowledge and accept Jacob for where he is in his evolution, but at the same time, he is part of a cult of serial killers and that can only last for so long. At some point, we all need him to take the same steps that we have. So, that’s definitely going to become a major point of conflict.

RELATED | The Following's Valorie Curry Dissects Emma's 'Misplaced' Love of Joe Carroll

TVLINE | Is love the only thing preventing Emma and Paul from “removing” Jacob from the team after his failed kill?
Yes, we do love him and that’s why at the end of Episode 4 we accept him for who he is. But at the end of the day, we can’t make any moves without Joe. If Joe is accepting him as he is and willing to be patient, we would never cross that… Emma would never dispatch anyone without Joe’s approval — especially within the inner-circle.

TVLINE | Threesome aside, it seems little Joey might soon become an issue for the group.
Emma genuinely loves Joey — partly because he is the son of Joe Carroll, and partly because she has raised him for the past two years. She’s so close to him, and she’s very protective of him. He’s so smart — he is the son of Joe Carroll — so he picks up on things quickly… As far as she’s concerned, when she talks to Joey about his dad maybe not being a bad man, maybe he’s just misunderstood, she’s telling the truth to him. She doesn’t feel like she’s telling lies. She [thinks she's] really doing well by this child by taking him away from his mother and the protection of the FBI. But there will be a lot of points where he’s at odds with his own growing fears as he sees this cult expand and all of these people come into play.

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TVLine: The Following Recap: Three's Company

TV News, Previews, Spoilers, Casting Scoop, Interviews
thumbnail The Following Recap: Three's Company
Feb 12th 2013, 02:59

You know the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign? I propose a Following-related tweak: Go Red for Ryan. After all, as the latest episode reminds us, the former FBI agent and his heart need all the help he can get.

Hardy’s busted ticker is at the center of this week’s offering, which is titled “Mad Love” but which, unfortunately, does not involve a mid-’90s Chris O’Donnell trying to talk a butterfly-bedecked Drew Barrymore off the ledge. (The hour does offer a very interesting group-shower scene, though, so we’ll call it a draw.)

So let’s don some red for our flawed hero and review this week’s major developments, shall we?

RELATED | The Following‘s Natalie Zea Previews Claire/Ryan Romance, a ‘Delightfully Weird’ Moment With Joe

A WOMAN SCORNED | The FBI uses details from the video Claire received at the end of the previous episode to extrapolate Joey’s location, but the process takes a while. In the interim, Ryan and Debra discuss how Jordy choked himself to death on his own bandage. (I’ll say it again: That’s dedication.) Ryan gets a call from someone named Jenny but lets it go to voicemail as he interrogates Joe. Hardy taunts Carroll that he killed Rick, but gets ta reaction he doesn’t expect. “Oh, I’m delighted to hear that! You’re getting your mojo back,” the prisoner gushes. Ha! He realizes Ryan wants information about Maggie and, for once, gives it to him: She went on a killing spree of her own in Arkansas years ago and got away with it, and her real name is Margaret Schuller.

Jenny calls again. As it turns out, she’s his sister, a Brooklyn-based chef from whom he’s slightly estranged, thanks to his drinking and generally terrible views on life and happiness. He picks up the phone and is surprised to hear Maggie on the other end telling him, “I’ve gone off-book;” she demands that he come to New York, alone and unarmed, to trade his life for his sibling’s. And because that worked out so well in the pilot, he agrees. Ryan won’t tell Debra the nature of the personal matter that demands his immediate attention, so she sends Mike to follow him. In full-on Jimmy Olsen mode, Weston lets Ryan know he knows what’s going on and that he’s coming along, the eventual dressing-down be damned.

NO SLEEP ‘TIL BROOKLYN | Their road trip is pretty great for two reasons: Ryan’s utter disinterest in bonding with the young agent, and Mike’s fearlessness in calling his car buddy out for being such a jerk. (Though I will have to issue them a demerit for the complete lack of snacks. I know your sister is in grave peril, Ryan, but there are very few situations a bag of Red Vines and a 20-oz. Diet Coke won’t improve.) Once they arrive at Jenny’s restaurant, Ryan blindfolds himself per Maggie’s instructions… and winds up knocked out and duct-taped to a table while his similarly restrained sister looks on from a chair.

Earlier in the episode, we see Maggie kill a guy and steal his car after buying some powerful magnets at a home-supply store. Now she tapes them to Ryan’s chest in order to mess with his pacemaker and kill him – thus getting payback for Rick’s death and completing Joe’s long-ago murder attempt — and it seems to be working. To pass the time while Ryan’s slowly kicking the can, how about flashbacks? We see the first time Jenny met Claire (they hit it off) and Claire asking Ryan for details on his family during a lull after lovemaking. “It’s kind of a downer,” he tells her. He’s not lying. Mom died of leukemia when Ryan was 14; Dad, a retired cop, bit it when he walked into a corner-store robbery. Older brother Ray was a firefighter who died on Sept. 11. The Hardy family, its only remaining son surmises, is cursed.

MIKE TO THE RESCUE In the present, we hear the ever-slowing thump-thump of Ryan’s failing ventricles. (Side note: I’m totally OK with this as long as the show doesn’t only trot out his heart problem when it’s storyline-convenient. For instance, I don’t recall him having a lot of trouble sprinting after the baddies last week…) “It’ll be soon now,” Maggie promises, cutting him loose so he falls to the floor and some of the magnets fall away from his chest. Is she that cocky? On a related note, am I insane, trying to find logic in the actions of a crazy person? (If only I had some Red Vines and a diet beverage to help me figure it out!) But Mike sneaks in though the side door Ryan left open; he shoots Maggie and rips the remaining magnets off Ryan, saving the day.

Ryan and Jenny have a brief check-in, which lasts just long enough for him to tell her to disappear for a while and for him to remember her telling him, after his 2005 break-up with Claire, that he “can’t go through life alone.” Then he’s back in Virginia, letting Claire know that the FBI is narrowing in on her missing kid: Joey is likely in Duchess County, NY. She offers to make him breakfast but – remembering how he told Jenny he doesn’t want to be a constant reminder of her tough times with Joe – he declines. (Ryan, honey? She’s got a far bigger reminder of her tough times with Joe at the moment; girlfriend might just want some support. Take a waffle for the team.)

LIAR, LIAR… | At the followers’ farmhouse, the kidnapped stock girl is alive and in the basement. Jacob sums up the situation with “This is not cool.” Ha! Emma’s worried that Maggie hasn’t checked in, but Paul says there’s an even bigger issue to contend with: Jacob’s been lying to everyone about something really important. “I don’t care how much you fooled around,” she tells him breezily. “Jacob’s not gay.” But Paul’s referring to something darker: “Jacob’s never killed anyone. Ever.” She’s gobsmacked, a development in which Paul revels. “God, I wish you could se your face right now,” he gloats.

Emma instructs her boyfriend to kill the girl (whose name is Meghan) and makes it clear that she knows his little secret. But in the basement, Jacob just can’t bring himself to slit their captive’s throat. Sensing his apprehension, Meghan promises not to breathe a word if he’ll just let her go. He flashes back to a jailhouse visit where he confessed his kill virginity to Joe, who proved an understanding confidant. “I want to,” Jacob says earnestly. “One day, you will,” Carroll reassures him.

But that day’s not today. Jacob cuts the girl free and she bolts from the cellar, nearly clearing the property before Emma realizes what’s happened and calls Paul to help her bring Meghan back. For reasons I can’t figure, Meghan does not make for the road and start beating it back to town. Instead, she loops all over the grounds and winds up in the stables, where Emma and Paul find her. Emma gives her a good one with the knife but doesn’t kill her; Jacob later finds Meghan re-bound and re-installed in the basement.

… PANTS ON FIRE | Upstairs, Emma gets ready to shower off the mud she acquired during the chase. It’s a light moment for the two psychos who just hunted another human being like she was a rabbit. “We both love him, Paul,” she says, starting the shower and beckoning him near. “Don’t freak out. It’s not like we’re gonna get it on,” she jokes. (And that person you hear yelling, “The Following, you are a cruel tease!” is so not me.)

When Jacob makes his way upstairs to tearfully apologize to Emma, he finds her – in her bra – with Paul – in nothing? I can’t tell (and believe me, I checked) – standing under the stream. “We’re not giving up on you,” she says. They welcome him into their shower party, and Jacob launches a thousand fanfics as he steps into their embrace. It’s sweet. It’s messed up. And I really like the way it changes the dynamic among those crazy kids. (No seriously, they’re insane.) Also, um, who’s keeping an eye on Joey?

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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