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Hollywood Life: ‘RHONJ’ Recap: Teresa Apologizes To Jacqueline About Autism Insult

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thumbnail 'RHONJ' Recap: Teresa Apologizes To Jacqueline About Autism Insult
Sep 2nd 2013, 03:05, by Ivy Jacobson

Therapy helps the ‘RHONJ’ cast come to terms with some of their issues, but you could still cut the aerosol-filled air with a knife. Also, Teresa and Jacqueline finally talk (and burn) things out. Is their friendship finally back on track?

The cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey are still in Arizona for Melissa Gorga‘s birthday on the Sept. 1 episode, but the dry heat might be getting to everyone. Therapy sessions are going seemingly well for the group — so well, in fact, that the unlikeliest of people (we’re mostly looking at you, Teresa Giudice) decide that now is the time to talk things out. But is this just a calm before the storm?

The ‘RHONJ’ Attend Therapy Sessions

Melissa wakes up and declares that she’s sick of the emotional therapy sessions that the group has been having and just wants to have a drink by the pool. Sounds fab, Melissa, but we all know that’s not going to happen! Especially since Chris Laurita is having doubts about Teresa being back in Jacqueline Laurita‘s life after last week’s questionable comment she made: “If karma doesn't affect you, it affects your kids.” Of course, Jacqueline took that as a dig against her son Nicholas’ autism and was on her toes about Teresa’s intentions too.

Back at the ranch, literally, a therapist/horse whisperer named Wyatt (yes, really) leads the gang in therapy sessions with a horse involved. The exercise involves cleaning the bottom of a horse’s hoof and seeing how the horse won’t kick them if he senses authenticity and an open heart and intentions. One by one, the cast goes to the horse and touches it — or doesn’t — based on their true feelings. Tears are shed and emotions are revealed by some — including Albert Manzo admitting he was abused in “clinical terms” as a child and Joe Giudice confronting his fears about going to jail in the future for rejecting a plea deal in his automobile-related court case.

This session prompts everyone to take a step back and re-examine existing relationships, pushing Jacqueline to find out whether or not Teresa is a true friend since she’s been missing her and wants to rekindle their friendship.

Teresa & Joe Giudice Debate Their Future In The Jacuzzi

Later in the evening, Teresa and Joe start a serious conversation how every married couple should: in a Jacuzzi with wine, with the wife wearing a silver-sequined G-string bikini. What else for Juicy Joe?

Before delving into their talk about him possibly going to jail and leaving his girls without a father for his sentence, he does have to reassure Teresa that her G-string does wonders because he’s an “ass man” and “likes nice butts.” We never had any doubt. Joe then tries to reassure Teresa of his possible jail time by likening it to that he never killed anyone and that his situation is in God’s hands. Or the law’s. But no matter — more vino!

Teresa Giudice Apologizes To Jacqueline Laurita, Thanks To Therapy

Later that night, the cast attends a Navajo drum ceremony with an open mind (minus Joe walking in and saying, “What the hell is this?”) where everyone gets a drum and a drumstick so they can beat in unison and have “one heartbeat with no greed and no crime,” according to their Navajo leader. This prompts Teresa and Jacqueline to have a much-needed conversation regarding Teresa’s karma comment and their friendship.

She suggests another wood burning ceremony with Jacqueline. Teresa said she wants to start fresh and apologizes for the karma comment, saying she would never say that to hurt Jacqueline and that it was referring to herself. Jacqueline then says that she doesn’t want to disappoint Teresa, and Teresa wants to be there more for Jacqueline and put the past behind them so they can grow in their relationship.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? If you were Jacqueline, would you trust Teresa’s olive branch of truly putting the past behind them?

WATCH: Teresa Giudice & Jacqueline Laurita Apology

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– Ivy Jacobson

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