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Hollywood Life: ‘KUWTK’ Recap: Kourtney Kardashian Yells At Scott Disick For Helping Kim

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thumbnail 'KUWTK' Recap: Kourtney Kardashian Yells At Scott Disick For Helping Kim
Jul 15th 2013, 02:03, by Emily Longeretta

Uh-Oh! When the family gathered to help a pregnant Kim get everything ready for her baby on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashian,’ big sis Kourtney isn’t exactly welcoming.

Kourtney Kardashian isn’t happy with boyfriend Scott Disick, who she feels does more for a very pregnant Kim Kardashian than he does for her! Meanwhile, Kim’s wondering if maybe she should move back home.

‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Top 10 Moments

On the June 14th episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashianseveryone was preparing for the arrival of North West! Momager Kris Jenner tried to convince Kim to move in, Scott and Kourtney battle it out once again, and Bruce gets in touch with his competitive side.

1. Rob Kardashian claims he wants to start a porn company with Khloe’s hubby Lamar.

2. Kris reveals she was “the horniest” after child-birth, grossing out Kim.

3. Kim gets annoyed when Kris tries convincing her that living with her would be “the perfect scenario” until her house is finished. Oh, and they have black toilet paper!

4. When Kim calls Scott and Kourtney for help with her stroller, Scott comes to her aid, causing Kourtney to get irritated that he doesn’t help her as much.

5. When Scott shows up at Kim’s she’s in Spanx shorts and a low-cut shirt, making Scott uncomfortable.

6. Brandon Jenner and Bruce train for an intense Ping-Pong battle — Bruce doesn’t even make it to the final, and Brandon gets second to a Ping-Pong master.

7. Kim makes the decision she needs to move to Kris’ for the first few months, however the transition isn’t easy.

8. After going to a CPR class with Kim without telling Kourtney,  Scott then helps her and the family make the big move. However, Kourtney calls him out in front of the entire family, reminding him yet again, that he’s done nothing at their house, but is willing to bend over backwards for Kim.

9. Kris points out what everyone was thinking — since baby Mason was born, Kourtney has been the center of attention. Now that Kim will be a mother soon, that is changing. However, Scott goes out of his way to make sure she knows he is willing to help any way she needs, and she admits she may have been acting a little crazy.

10. Kim admits that it is calm and easy living with her mom, who later massages her swollen feet after calling them ”balloons” and laughing at her “sausage toes.”

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WATCH: Kim & Scott Hanging Out Angers Kourtney

– Emily Longeretta

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