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Hollywood Life: ‘The Newsroom’ Season Premiere Recap: Lawsuits, Drones, & Breakups

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thumbnail 'The Newsroom' Season Premiere Recap: Lawsuits, Drones, & Breakups
Jul 15th 2013, 03:00, by Avery Thompson

Tensions ran high on the Aaron Sorkin drama’s July 14 premiere, and we couldn’t get enough!

The Newsroom‘s second season premiere opened with Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) and the gang facing massive legal trouble in the wake of a story they ran, then retracted. The story: The U.S. used nerve gas in an operation called Operation Genoa and claimed the Pentagon tried to cover it up. And only through a series of flashbacks told to the legal team were we able to crack what really happened.

ACN’s lawyer, played to perfection by Marcia Gay Harden, isn’t budging and will stay in that office until she gets to the bottom of the situation. Seriously, don’t mess with this lady.

So, back in time we go! Fourteen months ago, Will was still facing serious backlash for calling the Tea Party the “American Taliban.” As a result, the president of Atlantic World Media, Reese (Chris Messina), was kicked out of a SOPA meeting in the Capitol building, and CEO Leona (Jane Fonda) was understandably irked by the news.

To smooth things over, Charlie (Sam Waterston) asked Will to step down from the 9/11 anniversary newscast — which was like a dagger to Will’s heart.

Don (Thomas Sadoski) and Maggie (Alison Pill) seemed to be doing well in their relationship, even though Maggie revealed she had feelings for Jim (John Gallagher, Jr.) at the end of last season. However, Jim was still hurt by Maggie’s choice. Maggie tried to make the situation less awkward between her and Jim, but of course, she only made it worse. (Poor Jim!) To get away from the Don/Maggie PDA, Jim offered to help out an injured reporter in New Hampshire covering the Romney campaign.

Neal (Dev Patel) wanted to start covering the then-growing Occupy Wall Street movement, but Mackenzie (Emily Mortimer) didn’t feel there was enough fervor to the story. (Oh, the irony!)

Meanwhile, Sloan (Olivia Munn) and Jerry, the producer covering for Jim, were obsessed with drones. The new producer brought in a guy for a drone panel, but this just steered the whole newsroom in the wrong direction. The guy Jerry brought in had top secret information that he said “makes careers and ends presidencies.” The secret: Operation Genoa!

To top it all off, even though Don and Maggie seemed to be doing fine, Don was seen moving out at the end of the episode! Turns out, he watched Maggie’s Sex and the City bus rant/declaration of love for Jim on YouTube. Awkward. Don tried to play it off by saying he wasn’t in love with Maggie, but clearly his ego is burned.

Maggie is, well, stunned.

Other Tidbits From The Episode

– Sloan and Don’s chemistry is still sky high. Their banter during Sloan’s show is priceless.

– When are Mackenzie and Will just going to admit they love each other?

– The women this season are exhibiting some serious girl power, and we like it.

– The sorority girl that Will owned in the season one opener is now an intern.

– What happened to Maggie’s hair in present day? Will said things “got real” while she was in Uganda, but this boyish red cut does not suit her. Will Jim comfort her? Let’s hope so.

HollywoodLifers, what did YOU think of the season premiere? Where do you think this Operation Genoa storyline is going? Let us know what you thought the episode?

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– Avery Thompson

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