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Hollywood Life: ‘Dexter’ Recap: Dexter Gets A New Protege & Sees An Old Friend

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thumbnail 'Dexter' Recap: Dexter Gets A New Protege & Sees An Old Friend
Aug 5th 2013, 02:01, by Andrew Gruttadaro

Last week everything seemed to resolve itself the way it was supposed to — Dexter and Debra reunited, he found peace, and the Brain Surgeon was caught and killed — all nice and tidy. So obviously everything is going to get totally f***ked up tonight, right?

The Brain Surgeon may be gone, but we’ve already got a new little creep (emphasis on creep) to look out for: Zach Hamilton, the son of Ed Hamilton, who is a suspect in the murder of his father’s mistress. He’s doing totally unsuspicious things like setting up a personal photography class just outside a crime scene. Pretty sure you’re a murderer, kid. And pretty sure Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) gonna find out about it.

Is The Next Dexter In The Making?

Turns out Zack is also a patient of Dr. Evelyn Vogel’s (the chances!). This makes Dexter oddly, and obviously, jealous.

Dexter finds solid proof that Zach is a serial killer (and he also knows who his next victim is), but guess who else knows the truth — Dr. Vogel (Charlotte Rampling)! Turns out she wants to actually teach Zach the code. She’s ready to create the next Bay Harbor Butcher. And she wants Dexter’s help.

He’s a little hurt by all of this; you can practically see him whining, “But I’m the only one who gets to know the code!” Says who, ya big baby?

After following Zach on his kill run, Dexter realizes that he’s just a kid with daddy issues who’s pissed off at his cheating father. Strapped down to Dexter’s table, Zach confirms that he was just killing for the sake of his mother (echoes of a young Dexter!). And for the first time Dexter sees that he and Zach aren’t so different.

He has a dark passenger. He has an uncontrollable desire. But it needs to be controlled.

Enter Dexter and Dr. Vogel. And so after this lazy, drudging episode, Dexter adopts a psychopath.

It’s actually a smart direction for the show to go as it nears the end. Dexter gets to become Harry and pass his “gift” to another, so that it lives on forever in a sense. In other words, this is bad news for all of us who hoped Dexter would end with the main character getting caught.

‘Dexter’: Guess Who Shows Up!

The episode should’ve ended there. But it didn’t. Having a sibling chat over coffee, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), who’s story this week was totally lacking separated from Dexter, starts to fade out — as if. she’s been. poisoned. Sound familiar? Dexter starts to go blurry too, but not before his ex, Hannah (Yvonne Strahovsky) walks in the door. “Dexter, remember me?” she says. WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING HERE!?!?!?

I’m furious. The Zach Hamilton plot is very intriguing but it took the entire episode to get there.

And then Hannah, Dexter’s poison-happy ex-girlfriend from arguably the worst season of the show pops up in the last 30 seconds, totally unexplained? They just played around with 50 minutes of TV and decided to cram everything into the last five minutes. It’s safe to say that last week, this season’s best episode, was followed up by its worst. Hopefully Dexter can get me back on its side next week.

– Andrew Gruttadaro

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