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Hollywood Life: ‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Kody & Meri Brown’s Only Child Is Leaving Home

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Aug 5th 2013, 03:13, by tierneyhl

There comes a time in every parent’s life when they have to let their child go and hope they raised them right. For Kody Brown and his four wives, this time will come more often than it does for the average family — once for each of his 17 children! After saying goodbye to their son Logan last year, the Browns are now preparing to send kids Mariah and Aspyn off to college.

In the latest episode of TLC's Sister WivesKody Brown and his wives Meri, 42, Janelle, 44, Christine, 41, and Robyn face the reality of more of their children leaving home and heading off to college. First wife Meri is really struggling with losing Mariah, her only child. Read on for more details!

‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Kody & Meri Brown’s Only Child Leaving The Nest

Kody and Meri’s only daughter, Mariah, is graduating high school this year and she has her heart set on attending Westminster College in Utah.

Like any parents, Kody and Meri are sad to see their daughter go, but Meri is taking it a lot harder than Kody, because — let’s be honest — he has 17 kids and she technically only has one.

“Mariah leaving the nest kind of breaks my heart,” Kody says, “But I get it. It’s time to go — time to spread her wings and fly.”

Meanwhile, Meri says, "The fact that she is my only child, and that I really will be an empty nester after she goes, is what makes it harder for me. I’m not ready to let her go.”

Poor Meri! We know Kody really wants to have another baby with her, but she has been struggling to conceive. The fact that her only daughter is leaving is probably making her feel even worse about her situation. But who knows, maybe Meri will take Robyn up on her offer to be her surrogate, and she’ll have a new baby!

The Browns Visit Their Old Home In Utah

Before visiting Mariah’s college of choice, Meri, Kody and Mariah make a pit stop at their old home in Utah. Mariah was thinking of living there while she goes to school, but the family quickly realizes their old house just doesn’t feel like home anymore.

“The soul of our home was our family, and it was a house without our soul,” Kody says.

To be fair, it’s probably hard to feel at home in a completely empty house, but we can understand why that was a surreal experience for the Browns.

Once they’re on campus, Kody tells a school official that he’s concerned Mariah’s fundamentalist Mormon background will be a problem, especially because she wants to live a plural marriage. But the friendly official says Westminster embraces diversity and would welcome Mariah, which definitely makes Kody feel at ease.

Now there’s just one problem — tuition money. The Browns of course have many  children and a limited budget, so the pressure is on for Mariah to get a scholarship.

Speaking of other college-bound children, Kody and Christine take daughter Aspyn to tour the University of Nevada, Las Vegas the next day, and they’re welcomed by a familiar face — Kody’s son Logan, who left home last year. Kody, a student at UNLV, also works for the admissions department, so he gives the family a tour.

While they’re there, Kody reflects on Logan’s distantness and says he feels like his son has divorced from the family since he came to school. While this is probably typical of any college student, Kody admits that he ”didn’t realize the impact it would have on my children” when he went public as a polygamist.

Logan, who says he probably doesn’t want a plural marriage, is probably trying to figure out who he is and what it means to come from a polygamist family. It’s great that Kody is being there for his son, but also giving him room to grow. Hopefully he can do the same for Aspyn and Mariah.

‘Sister Wives’ Still Waiting To Move Into Their New Homes

With Mariah and Aspyn both flying the coop, the Browns are more determined than ever to establish their new homes before Christmas, but something always seems to slow them down — a mistake on one of the homes, the loan process still incomplete.

Between the families feeling distant from each other and the slow-as-molasess construction on their four homes, the Browns are really stressed, and we can see why! Moving is hard enough — imagine moving four times at once!

Janelle even says, ”If we survive this house building and we all still like each other, it’s a good day.”

The Browns are being torn in so many different directions, and it seems to be taking a toll on the family as a unit. What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Will the Brown family be able to stick together?

WATCH: ‘Sister Wives’: A Visit To The Old House

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