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Hollywood Life: ‘Dexter’ Recap: Dexter & Debra Team Up To Save The Day

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thumbnail 'Dexter' Recap: Dexter & Debra Team Up To Save The Day
Jul 29th 2013, 02:01, by Andrew Gruttadaro

Last week Debra saved Dexter’s life… right after trying to end it. Can you say awkward?

Are Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) back on the same team? Just about as quickly as it took for Dexter’s car to plummet into that lake last week, the sibling duo seemed to make some improvements, while Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) went from being Dexter’s mother-figure to possibly being the evil orchestrator of this whole thing (and by this whole thing, I mean all eight seasons of Dexter). Okay, let’s get to work.

Dexter Not Feeling The Sisterly Love

Things are a little bit awkward, as fratricide usually is, but at least Dexter and Debra are talking! The dynamic has shifted though — after trying so hard to make his personal life work, Dexter is tired of Debra, his son, getting set up on dates, and now he just wants to kill someone!

He’s got one guy in mind — AJ Yates aka The Brain Surgeon aka The Brain Scooper. Dexter’s racing against Miami Metro to find Yates now that one of his victims (who Dexter saved) has ID’ed the killer.

Dr. Evelyn Vogel Brings Dexter & Debra Together… Sort Of

But Miami Metro won’t find Yates at his house because HE’S OUT KIDNAPPING VOGEL! He literally throws a coffee table through one of her windows (because, discretion) and abducts the good doctor. Now things are moving along!

Debra is the first one to find Vogel missing, and finally she and her brother have something they can bond over again — saving their shrink. Watching them decide to team up is like a scene straight out of Lethal Weapon or something, it’s awesome. Dex and Deb actually tap into resources at their jobs — unbeknownst to their employers — to zero in on Yates. Dexter’s always better when someone’s being hunted, don’t you agree?

It’s a good thing the brother-sister duo are hurrying, because Yates has a black bag over Vogel’s head, and from what I can tell he likes to kill people.

Can Dexter & Debra Catch Yates?

Charlotte Rampling is going to get nominated for an Emmy for playing Vogel — her “torture” scenes with Yates are completely mesmerizing and Vogel’s frailty is intense. And it’s even more thrilling later when Vogel has the incredible gall to try and manipulate her former patient by assuming the role of his abusive mother.

Her tactics save her life (and her toes) long enough for Dexter and Debra to trace Yates’ phone, but not before Yates discovers he’s been duped. The Morgans enter Yates’ safe house, where they find Vogel stashed in a closet — but where’s Yates?

Let’s ask the other serial killer in the room, shall we? Dexter is one step ahead, realizing that the killer is hiding under a bed and in no time at all he’s piercing a curtain rod (this guy just never kills like he used to) through the bed AND Yates’ back.

“I’m good,” Deb surprisingly says, approving of Dexter’s vigilantism. “The family that kills together…”

We’re only five episodes in and the Brain Surgeon is dead, and Dexter has found acceptance from the people closest to him. So what the hell happens next?

– Andrew Gruttadaro

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