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Hollywood Life: ‘Sister Wives’ Recap: A Day In The Lives Of Kody’s Four Wives

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thumbnail 'Sister Wives' Recap: A Day In The Lives Of Kody's Four Wives
Jul 29th 2013, 03:03, by tierneyhl

In this episode, we get a glimpse into what it’s like to be each of Kody’s wives, and from what we can see, it’s not easy being a sister wife!

The latest episode in the fourth season of TLC’s Sister Wives, “Four Lives of Kody’s Wives,” gives us a little peek into a day in the life of each of Kody Brown‘s four wives: Meri, 42, Janelle, 44, Christine, 41, and Robyn. Read on for more details!

'Sister Wives' Recap: A Day In The Lives Of Kody’s Four Wives

Living separately in four not-so-close rental homes in Las Vegas has given the sister wives a little more privacy and independence than they’re used to, which has its pros and cons.

Janelle says, “Everybody now thinks of themselves more like single moms,” which can’t be easy. But the time apart has also given the wives a chance to find themselves and develop their own individual interests.

Janelle, who has been struggling with working out and trying to lose weight, is surprised when she realizes she’s lost 25 pounds in 90 days. That’s definitely something to be proud of, and it seems like she’s really committed to getting fit, which is an accomplishment in and of itself! Hang in there, Janelle! She’s also really focused on launching her real estate business, but the kids, who seem to sense her stress, start acting up.

Janelle grounds her son, Garrison, 13, after he turned his brother Gabriel’s video game off in the middle of the action and called him an “effing loser (but he said the real word).”  Janelle is having trouble disciplining her teenage boys with their raging hormones, which is certainly something every parent can relate to.

Kody seems to have better luck with the  troublesome teens, but he’s not around as often as Janelle would like because the other wives’ homes are so far away. Living apart seems to really be putting a strain on Kody’s relationships with his wives, so he better step up his husband and father game until the families can move into their new homes!

Kody Brown Says The Family Business Makes Him ‘Uncomfortable’

Meanwhile, Robyn feels hurt when Janelle says the family business, Sister Wife’s Closet, is not viable, and Kody says he doesn’t feel comfortable selling the products.

Kody is concerned that if he’s flirting or making a connection with a woman while he’s trying to sell the family’s jewelry, “Somehow or another, they might think I’m hunting a fifth wife or something.” Don’t flatter yourself, Kody. You’re not that good of a salesman!

Luckily for Robyn, Janelle — who has been feeling isolated from the family — has a change of heart about the business after feeling inspired to design plus size work out clothing that’s comfortable and functional. Janelle pays Robyn and visit and says she wants to engage in the business more. It’s touching to see how overjoyed Robyn is — she really needed a win for Sister Wife’s Closet! Here’s the twist — Janelle says she thinks Kody shouldn’t be involved because she wants to market it as a “woman power business.” You go, girls!

The Sister Wives’ Houses Get Delayed

Christine finally passed her real estate exam, and she and Janelle are planning their careers in the exciting field of real estate when she realizes it might be more of a commitment than she expected. Christine was very put off because she might have to work weekdays and weekends, which wouldn’t allow her to be home with her young children. To make matters worse, the Browns’ realtor reveals there might be a delay in completing the wives’ four side-by-side homes!

The Browns are eager to get into the homes by Christmas, especially for the sake of the children, who they feel have been “displaced” without a constant childhood home. The problem is, Meri and Robyn’s houses will be completed in time for Christmas, but they still haven’t been approved for their loans yet. Meanwhile, Christine and Janelle are financially ready, but construction on their homes won’t start until Meri’s and Robyn’s are complete. What a mess!

Or is it a blessing in disguise? Although the sister wives say they really want to be close to each other again, they have each expressed concern that they will lose some of the privacy they have grown to appreciate. Meri even worries there will be some drama when the wives all know exactly what each other is up to.

Sounds like things are about to get a lot more complicated for the sister wives! Meanwhile, an oblivious Kody says that, from his perspective, the new homes look like heaven.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Will the Browns be happy in their new homes?

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