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Hollywood Life: ‘KUWTK’ Recap: Brody Jenner Calls Kris Jenner A ‘Villain’ During Fight

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thumbnail 'KUWTK' Recap: Brody Jenner Calls Kris Jenner A 'Villain' During Fight
Jul 29th 2013, 02:32, by Chloe Melas

Kris confronts Brody during their family trip to Greece on the July 28 episode of ‘KUWTK’ but it turns ugly! Brody tells Kris that she never cared about him when he was growing up and she starts to cry!

Kris Jenner desperately wants her stepson Brody Jenner to like her but he’s just not budging! On the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris does absolutely everything she can to bond with Brody but he feels like she’s being totally fake.

Kris Jenner & Brody Jenner Fighting Nonstop

It all started when Brody thought that Kris didn’t want him going on the family trip to Greece. Kris had Bruce Jenner invite Brody but even though he went, he still felt like Kris didn’t want him there. To make matters worse, Kris dances around the awkward issue by being over-the-top affectionate with him.

While they are on the boat Kris jokingly puts lotion all over Brody’s back and tells him that he reminds her of Bruce when he was young. This freaks Brody out instead of flattering him. Then when everyone is trying to enjoy a nice meal on the yacht, Kris tells Brody that he can cuddle with her when it gets too chilly. This makes everyone uncomfortable because they know how much Brody can’t stand Kris and that she’s making the situation so much more worse!

Brody Confronts Kris On The Yacht & Calls Her Out

After the weird moment at dinner, Kris and Brody are on the top of the yacht talking but it turns into a nasty fight. Kris tries to tell Brody that she has always wanted him to be part of their big, blended family but Brody tells her to stop talking. He tells her that he felt like she never wanted him or his brother Brandon Jenner around when they were growing up. Brody also says that he feels like she’s the reason why he’s not very close to his dad.

Kris tries to tell Brody that this is all not true and that she genuinely cares for his happiness but again he says he’s not buying it. Brody tells Kris that he never felt wanted and that this isn’t his fault. A few minutes before the fight during one of the one-on-one camera talks with Brody, he looks into the camera and says that growing up he painted Kris as the “villain” because he was never brought around the house. Isn’t this just so sad? We can totally understand how Brody must feel. There are always two sides to every story!

Earlier in the episode Kourtney Kardashian was the one who suggested that Kris try to talk things out with Brody. Talk about a plan that totally blew up! Kourtney eventually joins the uncomfortable and emotional fight but then the episode cuts to black with a “To Be Continued” message.

We wonder if these two can try to work out their differences or perhaps it’s too late? Sound off below and tell us what you think!

Tune in next Sunday to see how it all goes down at 9pm ET on E!

WATCH: Kris Jenner & Brody Jenner Can’t Stop Fighting In Greece

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– Chloe Melas

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