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Hollywood Life: ‘A Sister’s Nightmare’: Peyton List Previews Her ‘Intense’ Lifetime Movie

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thumbnail 'A Sister's Nightmare': Peyton List Previews Her 'Intense' Lifetime Movie
Sep 7th 2013, 21:44, by Andy Swift got the scoop on Lifetime’s latest ‘Nightmare,’ from the movie’s bright young star, Peyton List.

Fans of Peyton List, 15, are used to seeing her as bubbly fashionista Emma on Disney Channel’s Jessie – but there’s no laugh track attached to her latest project, the Lifetime original movie A Sister’s Nightmare, premiering Sept. 7 at 8 p.m. spoke with Peyton about taking on such a dramatic role, including what it was like learning how to drown!

Read On For Our Q&A With Peyton List

>> Viewers are used to seeing you on Jessie, which is much lighter than this movie. Did you enjoy getting to take on a more dramatic role?

Before I started Jessie, I was on a more dramatic route. So it was sort of weird for me, doing Wimpy Kid and then Jessie. I had a lot of fun doing A Sister’s Nightmare.

>> Come to think of it, I did see you in another Lifetime movie back in 2010.

Yeah, Secrets In The Walls! That was a lot of fun. And it’s funny, because my dad keeps mixing up the movies. He’ll be like, ‘Secrets In The Walls is coming out,’ and I’ll be like, ‘No, Dad.’

>> I hate when my dad mixes up my Lifetime movies. It’s the worst. … Can you give us a little background on your character?

I play Emily. She’s afraid of drowning, so she has lots of nightmares in the movie about drowning. It was so weird for me, because I had to learn how to be able to sink and look like I was drowning. It was intense, but it was kind of cool. I liked it. And now I can sink in my own pool, and everybody’s always like, ‘Peyton, are you OK?’


>> This movie doubles as a mini Gossip Girl reunion with Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle. Were you a Gossip Girl fan? I feel like that might have been a little before your time.

Yeah, I was pretty young, but I was a secret watcher. My parents let me watch it, but if I went out in public and told people I watched it, they were like, ‘What? You’re way too young for that!’ I actually watched it from the beginning, and I loved it. So I was so excited to be working with them.

>> How is Kelly Rutherford as an on-screen mom?

She’s awesome. She’s so nice, and she’s a mother, too, so she’s just so good. We hung out and talked a lot, she’s really cool.

>> Since this movie is so different from what your fans are used to, what are you excited for them to see?

My dramatic scenes, for sure. I have a lot of crying scenes because my character has night terrors. Nobody’s ever really seen me screaming and crying, so I’m excited for them to see that.

WATCH: ‘A Sister’s Nightmare’ Trailer

— Andy Swift
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