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Hollywood Life: ‘True Blood’ Recap: Bill’s Deadly Premonition Finally Comes True

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thumbnail 'True Blood' Recap: Bill's Deadly Premonition Finally Comes True
Aug 12th 2013, 04:18, by Andy Swift

Plus, Sookie makes up her mind about her future with Warlow. Do you think she’ll regret her decision?

Historically, the penultimate episode of each True Blood season has been heart-stopping, game-changing and, arguably, better than the finale itself. I’m not sure that’s going to be the case in season six, though the Aug. 11 episode did find several characters in dire straits — particularly Bill (Stephen Moyer), whose horrific vision of a mass vampire execution finally came to fruition.

Fortunately, thanks to a major dose of Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgard) Warlow-full blood, Bill was able to feed all of the captive vamps and save them from that nasty premonition. The vamps literally gathered around Bill’s body and suckled on him like a gaggle of little piglets — although one prisoner wasn’t so fortunate.

Yes, it’s time to pour out a bottle of TruBlood for Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian), whose days of scheming and squealing finally came to an end at the hands of Eric Northman. While it wasn’t quite as gruesome as Eric’s first kill this week — he ripped off Dr. Overlark’s entire package, literally dis-membering him — it was sad to see ol’ Newlin meet the sun.

At least he left us with five epic words (“I love you Jason Stackhouse!”), which we will never forget.

Bye Bye, ‘Billith’?

Though I admit I have no idea what the season finale could possibly hold for Bill, I’m certain Lilith will have a few choice words for him — and their interaction won’t be a pleasant one. She sent her three naked messengers to him at the end of the episode, telling him pretty directly, “Your time on earth is over.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” he told them; and thanks to some last-minute intervention from Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and James (Luke Grimes), he was able to keep that promise. But this can’t possibly be the end of Bill’s connection to Lilith, can it?

Remembering Terry

One thing I loved about this episode was that, while half of it was violent and horrific — I stopped counting Eric’s victims once I ran out of fingers and toes — the other half contained some of the most heartbreaking, emotional moments of the season thus far. I’m referring, of course, to Terry Bellefleur’s funeral, which brought together some familiar faces — Hi, Tara’s crazy mom! — for one last goodbye.

It was nice to see Arlene (Carrie Preston) get some closure, following the intense feelings of guilt she’d been experiencing; and it was nice that Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) was finally given some decent material this season; but mostly, I enjoyed getting to see Todd Lowe in action one last time. He’s been given some rotten story lines — we’re all pretending that smoke-monster business never happened — so his flashback scenes this week pretty much redeemed him.

This is how I’ll remember Terry.

Sookie’s Stand

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about Sookie (Anna Paquin). I feel like she’s really empowered this season, not letting other people push her around as much as they used to, so I got unspeakable pleasure out of her blasting Bill with her light at the beginning of the episode.

If you ask me, neither Bill nor Eric have any romantic hold over Sookie anymore, and while that should upset me in theory — I’m a diehard Sookie-Eric supporter — it really doesn’t. She told Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) that she intends to keep her promise and become his eternal vampire-fairy bride, and I kind of dig that. For all his faults, or at his least his rumored faults, Warlow actually seems like a pretty decent guy.

Sookie and Warlow are cute together, OK? There, I said it.

HollywoodLifers, are you shipping Sookie and Warlow as much as I am? What do you think will happen to Bill next week? And where did Eric fly off to? Drop a comment with your review of this week’s episode and your season finale predictions below!

— Andy Swift
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