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Hollywood Life: Desiree Hartsock: If You Love Brooks Forester, You Must Fight For Him

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thumbnail Desiree Hartsock: If You Love Brooks Forester, You Must Fight For Him
Jul 30th 2013, 20:57, by Bonnie Fuller

Desiree, I know you must be hurting after Brooks told you he didn’t love you on ‘The Bachelorette,’ but I must tell you: if you love him, you cannot give up on him.

Desiree Hartsock, I know your whole world came crumbling down on the July 29 episode of the The Bachelorette, when Brooks Forester told you that he did not feel the same love for you as you do for him, but if you love him truly, you must fight for him. The path to true love does not run smoothly, and nothing worth having comes without a fight.

Desiree Hartsock — You Need To Fight For Brooks Forester

Desiree, I really feel for you. Getting your heart broken is so hard, and it does not help that it happened to you on national television. You were so passionate and distraught when Brooks told you that he didn’t “feel it,” that he does not see you guys “lasting” once the show is over, and that he needs “more time.” It was clearly so hurtful to hear, but Brooks was trying to do the right thing by not stringing you along.

You can’t give up on him, because he was trying to be honest with you, unlike many of the other contestants. Men can get overwhelmed, and he was probably freaked out because he was being filmed. Getting cold feet is common, and being on a show like The Bachelorette comes with huge pressure. You are both only 27 years old and you have only known each other for a couple of weeks, so of course Brooks is scared to propose.

Desiree, true love will prevail. You are crazy about Brooks, and he really does care for you, even if he cannot quite decipher his feelings right now. Once he clears his head, he will realize he has made a terrible mistake; and when he begs you for a second chance, you should give him one, as long as you are sure that he is ready for your love.

Look at Jason and Molly Mesnick! Jason originally picked Melissa Rycroft on The Bachelor, but he soon realized that Molly was the love of his life, and they could not be happier. They are so in love and have a beautiful baby girl together, and they are the perfect example of a couple who made it work. True love often follows a split, and you and Brooks could be a perfect example of that.

Desiree — You Cannot Settle For Second Best

Desiree, you have proved time and time again that there is only one guy for you — and that is Brooks. You previously told Chris Harrison that you loved him, and only him. You even said you have “deeper feelings” for him than you do for Chris Siegfried or Drew Kenney. This has always been a one-horse race, and you cannot settle for second best. It would not be fair on you or on the other men.

"I have great connections with Chris and Drew, but my feelings for Brooks are set apart from the other guys. When I'm with Brooks, I do see my future. Brooks is unlike anyone I've ever known…Brooks is one of a kind, and I love that about him…After the date in Madeira, I felt comfortable enough to let myself say that I loved him,” you said on the show.

You even admitted that the other guys do not compare to him, saying:

It throws everything off, having Brooks gone. It breaks my heart. It breaks my heart knowing that I have two amazing, unreal guys who do love me. I just can't love them as much…And that's not what they deserve. Honestly, for me, it's over.

Desiree, you simply cannot become engaged to Chris or Drew. It would not be fair to them or fair to you, because you are clearly in love with another man. You must end your relationship with both of them, because you will forever compare them to Brooks, and you never get the happily ever after you deserve.

“In this situation, when you are comtemplating marriage, you cannot settle,” says Diana Falzone, advice columnist. “A lot of people think if you are a certain age or in a certain situation, it is OK to jump into something that is not right. If Desiree settles for one of the other guys, they will end up breaking up. It will be a disservice to both her and them.”

Desiree, fighting for Brooks, who is the love of your life, is worth much more than trying to build something with Chris or Drew. You need to be with a man you love, not one that you like a lot.

Desiree — The Road To Love Can Be Bumpy

Desiree, nothing that is really worth having comes easily! Relationships and marriage take a lot of work, and you have to make sacrifices. Brooks is scared right now, so you need to tell him how much you love him, and how much you want to be with him.

If he still doesn’t realize you are meant to be, then he truly was not the guy for you.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Should Desiree fight for her love with Brooks? Or should she move on and forget about him? Vote below, and drop a comment with your thoughts.

WATCH: ‘The Bachelorette’: Desiree Gets Dumped By Brooks Forester 

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– Bonnie Fuller

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