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Hollywood Life: Prince George: The Truth Behind His Godparent Selection

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thumbnail Prince George: The Truth Behind His Godparent Selection
Jul 30th 2013, 13:28, by HL Intern

Are Auntie Pippa and Uncle Harry guaranteed the role of royal godparents? Prince George will be christened in the fall, and although Pippa and Harry may seem like obvious choices for godparents, they aren’t necessarily shoo-ins for the spots!

We know Prince George Alexander Louis already has a great set of parents to raise him right, but every royal child needs some godparents! Though Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry are the popular picks for the honorable role  – will they be the chosen ones? Plus, royals have more godparents than you might think!

Prince George’s Godparents: Will Prince Harry Or Pippa Middleton Be Chosen?

In the non-royal world, typically two godparents are named to sponsor a child’s baptism. But, in the royal world, two is simply not enough — and neither is three or four. Per royal tradition, six godparents are selected!

The royal family chooses three women and three men to fill the honored godparent spots. One would think that the easy choices for at least two of these spots would be Pippa and Harry, but that’s not necessarily true.

Editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward, told People there’s ”no hard and fast rules” when picking the six godparents. But, she also said that since Pippa and Harry are already going to have a strong presence in Prince George’s life that “there is no real need” for them to also be named godparents. They are already the royal baby’s hip aunt and uncle and other relatives and important figures in Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s life may be honored with the title.

Although there may not necessarily be a need for Pippa and Harry to serve as godparents, Us Weekly reported, ”baptisms are reserved for about 60 relatives and friends.” Because of the small size of the ceremony, choosing two relatives that would already be present would allow room for more guests at Prince George’s baptism.

Prince William & Kate Middleton Should ‘Choose Godparents For Various Reasons’

Along with Ingrid’s statement that there are no rules involved in selecting godparents, Prince Charles‘ cousin, model India Hicks, told People, ”you choose godparents for various reasons.”

India explained how she and her partner, David Flint Wood, selected godparents for their children, saying she would think Kate and Prince William’s godparent-selecting logic likely ”wouldn’t be any different” from her method of selecting.

“We chose one that we knew would be there if anything happened to us and be able to take over the mothering for the child, we chose one who was fascinating from a religious point of view and had a very different think on life, could teach the children a different way of looking at religion,” India told People. “We [also] chose a great artist who could inspire them.”

Prince George’s godparents will guide him in many ways.

Ultimately, the decision is up to Kate and William, and maybe they will find great value in having their respective siblings also serve as godparents. Whatever they decide, we are sure they know what’s best for their little prince!

Do YOU think Pippa or Harry will be chosen as Prince George’s godparents, HollyMoms? Do you have any other guesses for the six spots?

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– Taylor Weatherby

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