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Hollywood Life: Boston Bomber ‘Rolling Stone’ Cover — Mag Accused Of Glorifying Suspect

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thumbnail Boston Bomber 'Rolling Stone' Cover — Mag Accused Of Glorifying Suspect
Jul 17th 2013, 18:54, by tierneyhl

‘Rolling Stone’ readers are outraged after the magazine decided to feature Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover. 

Rolling Stone magazine is under fire for putting accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of its upcoming August 3 issue. Read on to find out what readers have to say about the controversial cover.

Boston Bomber ‘Rolling Stone’ Cover Glorifying Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

Rolling Stone has been accused of glamorizing Dzhokhar by featuring a self-taken picture of him so prominently on its cover, which is usually reserved for rock stars and actors. Dzhokhar, who recently made his first appearance in court, is accused of killing three people and wounding more than 260 in the horrific attacks on the Boston Marathon on April 15.

The cover image, which shows a goateed Dzhokhar with his long, curly hair tousled, is drawing comparisons to an old Rolling Stone cover featuring The Doors frontman Jim Morrison, the UK’s Daily Mail reported.

Beneath Dzhokhar’s picture is a bold headline that simply reads, 'The Bomber,' with the subhead: “How a popular, promising student was failed by his family, fell into radical Islam, and became a monster.”

Despite the condemnation, readers are concerned that the cover depicts Dzhokhar as a martyr, rather than a monster.

‘Rolling Stone’ Readers Protest Boston Bomber Cover

After Rolling Stone posted a photo of the cover to its Facebook page, thousands of readers replied with negative comments, including:

“Very un-American. F**k you Rolling Stone. I thought it was supposed to be an honor to be on your cover?”

“Whoever subscribes to this worthless rag should cancel their subscriptions TODAY!!! This is unacceptable!!”

“I shared this on my news feed, but not in support of your magazine, I shared it to show people how low you have gone by putting this terrorist on your cover. Rolling Stone, go and read all the shares of your picture, there are a lot of angry people that you would make such a disgusting choice.”

Others pointed out the similarity between the Dzhokhar cover and the Jim Morrison cover.

“This cover makes him [Dzhokhar] look like some kind of cool rock god…it’s horrible.”

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– Tierney McAfee

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