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Hollywood Life: Cory Monteith: Why He Went To Vancouver Despite His Drug Past

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thumbnail Cory Monteith: Why He Went To Vancouver Despite His Drug Past
Jul 17th 2013, 14:44, by Eleanore Hutch

Cory tried hard to clean up his life before his tragic death, but Vancouver was too difficult a place for him to be. EXCLUSIVELY learned that Cory was preyed upon by the wrong people in the city where he eventually died.

Cory Monteith loved Lea Michele deeply, but while under the Hollywood microscope, he felt too much pressure to maintain the appearances of having a squeaky clean life. In Vancouver, is told, Cory felt like he had friends who understood him. On many occasions, his friends held elaborate welcome-home parties, and his former dealers were usually in attendance.

Cory Monteith: Why Vancouver Was A Bad Place For Him

Cory, 31, was found dead in his hotel room July 13 from what we now know was a fatal combination of heroin and alcohol. Cory may have played straight-laced teen Finn Hudson on Glee, but in reality, his life was much darker.

“He would always hang out with the wrong crowd while in Vancouver,” a source close to the situation tells exclusively. ”The clubs in Vancouver would send cars to get him to come in, and once he arrived, there were always people who could hook him up.”

And because of Cory’s star status, it was always known when he was in the city.

“His former dealers would always know when he was in Vancouver and would make fun of him for stopping taking drugs, which made him do it again to appear cool in their eyes,” our source adds. “It was as if he owed them something.”

How truly tragic. Perhaps what’s most sad is that Cory really tried hard to change his ways and focus his energy on his 18-month romance with his Glee co-star Lea, 26.

“He really wanted to get help and talk to Lea about it but he was scared,” our source says. “Recently, he even started avoiding the events and the parties to sober up; he was really trying to focus on healing and being with Lea more. This last time he slipped, it ended up killing him.”

Poor Cory.

The Hotel Where Cory Died Is Near Drug-Friendly Environment

Cory was found dead in the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in downtown Vancouver, which is a short walk from a seriously bad neighborhood where drugs are rampant. A source, who’s familiar with the area, told exclusively:

Cory’s last known meeting took place at East of Main Cafe (223 E Georgia St., Vancouver) — this is four blocks from Hastings and Main, which is often described as ‘the epicenter of Vancouver’s drug trade.’ The hotel Cory was found in is 10 blocks from Hastings and Main. As a former Vancouver resident, I can tell you this area is terrifying — even during the day! There is an open air drug market and everything from heroin, crack cocaine and crystal meth is on offer. The police control the perimeter of this area, but once you enter, it’s a free for all with users openly shooting up in the streets. Every time I’ve been in that area — even in the daylight — I have seen junkies with needles in their arms and have been offered coke, crystal meth and speedballs (heroin and cocaine mixed). It’s a scary place, but for anyone using or fighting addictions, it’s especially dangerous since it’s nearly impossible to walk through there without being offered drugs.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are you surprised to learn that Cory had such a troubled life in Vancouver?

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