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Hollywood Life: ‘Bachelorette’ Finale Recap: Desiree Hartsock Gets Her Happily Ever After

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thumbnail 'Bachelorette' Finale Recap: Desiree Hartsock Gets Her Happily Ever After
Aug 6th 2013, 02:16, by Eleanore Hutch

Desiree is officially an engaged woman! On the August 5 season finale of ‘The Bachelorette,’ the love of her life got down on one knee and proposed to her in the romantic Caribbean setting.

After previously getting her heart broken on the semi finaleDesiree Hartsock is engaged to be married! During the dramatic August 5 finale of The Bachelorette, Desiree was asked for her hand in marriage, and she said yes! So who is the lucky guy — Chris Siegfried, Drew Kenney, or, neither? The episode begins with Desiree being seriously bummed because Brooks Forester left, and she tells Chris Harrison she wants to go home…

Desiree cries to Chris about how she is so sad that Brooks is gone, and she talks about how Chris is “nice,” and Drew is “sweet,” and it is clear that neither one compares to Brooks. Des said she is “still not broken,” and she tells Chris H that she wants to continue on. So is she going to settle for second best?

Chris and Drew arrived to the rose ceremony looking strapping in their suits, and Desiree managed to stop boo hooing for long enough to talk to them. Wow, Desiree is so pretty when she cries. She decides to give both the guys roses, as long as they promise not to break her heart.

Desiree Goes On A Tragic Final Date With Drew

Desiree and Drew go horse riding on the beach, and then the sit on the beach and god lord Desiree is crying again. They have ZERO romantic chemistry, and the fact that Desiree can’t get through the date without shedding tears speaks volumes for their future. Luckily the crashing waves are drowning her out.

Drew may be pretty, but he looks mightily confused. WIthin a short time of the date beginning, Desiree tells Drew that she cannot be with him, and she apologizes profusely. Poor Drew can’t really comprehend what is going on — he is pretty but he is not the sharpest tool in the box — but he tells Des that she does not have to apologize for not being in love with him. Poor Drew! He walks the beach in tears, proving the Des is not the only one who can dramatically break down.

At least we will always have the memory of him reading Shakespeare.

Drew leaves, and it is unclear if Desiree is going to have a happy ending.

Desiree & Chris Go On One On One Final Date

Des and Chris go on another date on a boat, and Des has got her swim shorts and her flippy floppys. This is so romantic. Des has a totally different date with Chris, and perhaps he will be her knight in shining armor. They have a Titanic like moment, and Des is finally smiling again. Once they start making out, I know that Des is totally back to herself.

They have drinks, they kiss, they’re are sparks, and it totally looks like Des is going to get her happily ever after all.

Des visits Chris’ cabin for some romantic time, and thank god we are spared his awful poetry. The cheesy music plays, and Des and Chris have a champagne toast. For me, this competition is over and Desiree has a winner, but I don’t think things will be as simple as that.

Brooks gives Des a journal while they are sitting on a bed — because you know, she is all tired from making out — and it includes all the awful poems he wrote for her. Wait, didn’t Zak already give her a diary? God, Desiree just won’t stop crying. She now realizes that perhaps she does not love Chris as much he loves her. Oh dear.

Chris Meets Desiree Hartsock’s Family

Des’ infamous brother Nate is back, and Chris gets the same interrogation that Sean Lowe got. Except that he handles it a lot better than “playboy” Sean! Chris asks Des’ dad for her hand in marriage, and he gives him his blessing. Has Des found her fiance? Her dad really seems to want Chris to be his son in law, and Chris gives Des a big huge smooch before he leaves for the final rose ceremony.

Plus, her crazy brother approves!

Chris then meets Neil Lane, and he picks out a ring, and the suits up for the proposal!

Chris Proposes To Desiree

Chris arrives and proposes to Desiree, and it is so romantic. Just as he is about to get down on one knee, Desiree STOPS him because she wants to be totally honest with him. She tells him that she sent home Drew because he was not right for her, and she starts crying again.

She tells Chris that she loves Brooks, and that she is “blindsided” by her feeling for him, but that she never realized what was right infront of her all along. It is so romantic!

Chris gets down on one knee, and he proposes and Desiree says yes! They kiss and Chris is shaking as he puts the ring on Des’ finger, and they can’t stop kissing on the hilltop! previously reported that Desiree was so in love with her secret fiance, and that we know she made the right choice!

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Are you happy Desiree picked Brooks? Did you think it was the best finale ever?

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– Eleanore Hutch

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