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Hollywood Life: Lindsay Lohan: Don’t Diss Your Friend Kristen Stewart

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thumbnail Lindsay Lohan: Don't Diss Your Friend Kristen Stewart
Aug 5th 2013, 21:51, by Bonnie Fuller

Lindsay Lohan, you look great in a new ‘Chelsea Lately’ preview clip, promoting your Monday, Aug. 5 guest hosting spot. But did you really have to hammer Kristen? She’s your friend!

Lindsay Lohan, you look and sound terrific guest hosting for Chelsea Lately. But why did you have to choose Kristen Stewart to be one of your first targets?

Lindsay Lohan — Dissing Kristen Stewart Wasn’t Necessary

Lindsay, I think you made a brilliant and brave career move to take on a guest hosting gig for Chelsea Handler, fresh out of your 90-day stint in rehab at the Cliffside Treatment Center in Malibu, California on July 30.

First of all, it got you right back into working in front of the cameras, not being a subject of troubles. And secondly, you are terrific at hosting. You look totally natural and comfortable and yes, you’re funny!

But the question is — did you really need to target someone who has been a good friend to you — even in your more difficult times?

You could have made anyone the butt of your jokes, and there are plenty of potential targets, but you took aim at KStew, mocking her for berating the paparazzi in a video posted on TMZ.

Lindsay — Your Jokes Were Funny, But Kristen’s Your Friend

“I’m just excited that Kristen Stewart, you know, finally showed some emotion,” you laughed, and yes — the crowd laughed along with you.

Yes, you did the mandatory, “No, but I really do love her… I think she’s awesome.”

Then, bang — you really crossed the line for anyone, who even remotely was a friend, “I will say this,” you continued. “Of course she hates photographers — they got a picture of her kissing a married man… in a Mini Cooper!”

Now Lindsay, THAT was a low blow!

Come on Lindsay, Kristen actually invited you over to her Los Feliz home last March, when she had a small get together, according to Page SixRobert Pattinson was also there, but you and Kristen talked and bonded. You both found out that you had lots in common.

“Lindsay and Kristen discussed their careers,” an insider reported. “Creative ideas and how they deal with living under the focus of the media and the paparazzi.”

Well Lindsay, so the very thing you just dissed KStew for, you bonded with her about in the past!

Linds — You’re Not One To Talk About Paparazzi Run Ins

And you have to admit that for you, mocking someone else for complaining about paparazzi is absolutely a pot calling the kettle black.

Many of us seem to remember you also fighting the paparazzi for some of your both major and minor problems.

There was the paparazzo who sued you for running over his foot outside a Hollywood club, but you said he got in your way.

There was the paparazzo who allegedly pushed you into a cactus plant, making you fall on your way into the Trousdale club in West Hollywood — “Only I would get pushed into a large, sharp plant by crazy paparazzi!!!,” you tweeted.

Finally, there was the time you allegedly were driving a black Mercedes-Benz and collided with a van in LA in March 2005. Your publicist blamed the trailing paparazzi for the crash.

So Lindsay, it doesn’t seem like you should be the one to diss Kristen for reacting to paparazzi and simultaneously insult her for supposedly not showing enough emotion in public.

Then, to remind the world of the most painful mistake that Kristen ever made and regretted endlessly, is just a slap at someone who welcomed you into her home when she was still trying to save the relationship that meant the most to her.

Just sayin’, Linds! Great hosting gig and congrats on finishing rehab. But next time, don’t use your podium to point a mean girl finger at a friend. Do you agree HollywoodLifers?

Did Lindsay cross the line? Let me know!

WATCH: Kristen Stewart Flips Photographers Double Birds 

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– Bonnie Fuller

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