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Hollywood Life: Kris Jenner Disses Kim Kardashian’s Pregnant ‘Watermelon’ Breasts

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thumbnail Kris Jenner Disses Kim Kardashian's Pregnant 'Watermelon' Breasts
Aug 5th 2013, 13:31, by Chloe Melas

Kim is on the family vacation in Greece during the Aug. 4 episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ and her own mother won’t stop talking about just how massive her boobs have gotten while being pregnant! Do you think Kris is being totally insensitive by making jokes during Kim’s difficult pregnancy?

Kim Kardashian‘s pregnant body is expanding by the minute and her boobs are huge! But to make matters worse, her own mother, Kris Jenner, is making fun of Kim’s boobs by calling them “two watermelons,” while the family is trying to sit down to a nice peaceful breakfast in Greece.

Kris Jenner Mocks Kim Kardashian’s Breasts On ‘KUWTK’

Kim just can’t catch a break, not even from her own family! She is having a miserable time on the family vacation because she is so bloated and swollen. Kim’s boobs, just like all pregnant women, have increased in size. But instead of being sensitive to Kim right now, Kris jumps right in and basically attacks her boobs in front of the entire family.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. They’re two watermelons,” Kris says. “I don’t know how she goes day to day and carries those boobs around. You need a crane.”

This is so embarrassing and rude of her to say! Then Khloe Kardashian chimes in and says: “You got some big f***ing boobs, dude … There’s not even milk in them yet, which is like the scary part.’”

This is just not appropriate breakfast conversation, poor Kim!

Kim doesn’t even look up and she simply responds: “I like, really don’t care right now.”

We told you that Kim spent the entire vacation pretty much alone and sleeping in her room. She ends up cutting the trip short and flying to Paris to meet Kanye West and we don’t blame her!

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– Chloe Melas

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