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Hollywood Life: ‘America’s Got Talent’ Recap: Catapult Entertainment Wins The Night

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thumbnail 'America's Got Talent' Recap: Catapult Entertainment Wins The Night
Aug 21st 2013, 04:25, by Avery Thompson

It’s the final week of performances before the semi-finals of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ and the Aug. 20 show was — without a doubt — the best one yet!

After weeks of incredible performances, America’s Got Talent has arrived at its final 12 acts before the semi-finals. The Aug. 20 live episode included sibling rivalry, soulful singing, and one performance that one judge said could not be followed. Take a look at HollywoodLife.com’s top five favorite performance from the final dozen talents!

Top 5 Performances Of Aug. 20

5. John Wing

This 53-year-old comedian had just the right amount of dry wit and sarcasm to change up a night filled with sequins and songs. What we love about John’s act is that it’s grounded in realism, he doesn’t have to rely on celebrity voices to bring life to his act. The judges praised his performance. Mel B said he was “bloody funny” and Howie Mandel even gave him a standing ovation.

4. Virginia State University Gospel Chorale

Let’s just take a moment to praise this soulful gospel group. This group totally brought out the spirit and soul to Madonna’s “Like A Prayer.” Their energy is unmatchable, you can’t help but clap your hands with them. Not only is their group as a whole fantastic, but their solos are amazing as well. Mel B said it best about this gospel chorale: “Your energy is just on point…I wanted to jump out of my seat and join you!” So did we, Mel B. In fact, we may have done just that.

3. Dave Fenley

This seemingly rough around the edges singer totally nailed his rendition of Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble.” Dave’s soothing, raspy voice coupled with his touching performance made for one of the best acts of the night. Howard Stern and Heidi Klum both thought he did a fantastic job. The only critique that Howie had was that Dave try and dress better. Seriously, Howie? Dave has one of the most unique, original voices on the show. He doesn’t need to change one thing.

2. D’Angelo & Amanda

Talk about fierce! As if the stakes weren’t high enough for the competition, but D’Angelo is also competing for a spot against his sister! However, D’Angelo took the lead against his little sister tonight. D’Angelo and his partner brought down the house in a heart-stopping performance. The intensity and focus both of them had was just incredible, especially for being so young. Howie called their performance, “beautiful, perfect, precise” and Mel B said it was “flawless.” This case of sibling rivalry is one we can’t stop watching.

1. Catapult Entertainment

Closing out the night was the Catapult Entertainment dance group. Dancing entirely with their shadows, this group stole the show with their poignant and visually stunning performance dedicated to the Newtown families. From a castle to a bicycle to an entire journey of life, this group’s talent is truly unparalleled. All of the judges and the audience were on their feet in praise of Catapult. Heidi fittingly said it was the “best act of the night.” Howie loved the fact that they were the final act of the night and even declared, “I promise you that there isn’t anyone who has performed on this stage that could follow you.” Wow, that’s a strong statement. However, we kind of agree. After tonight, Catapult has made themselves unforgettable in this competition.

So HollywoodLifers, what did YOU think of tonight’s acts? Which one was your favorite? Let us know!

WATCH: Catapult Entertainments Tells A Beautiful Visual Story

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– Avery Thompson

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