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Hollywood Life: Courtland Rogers Calls Out Jenelle Evans After She’s Put Back In Jail

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thumbnail Courtland Rogers Calls Out Jenelle Evans After She's Put Back In Jail
Aug 13th 2013, 14:18, by Kristine Hope Kowalski

Courtland showed up to his ex-wife Jenelle’s August 12 court hearing in Wilmington, NC — and then took to Twitter to call out Jenelle’s failed drug test and brag about his own sobriety! Check out his tweets from inside the courthouse, and his ‘awkward’ run-in with his ex and her new boyfriend Nathan Griffith!

Jenelle Evans was put back into jail for 48 hours after failing a spontaneous court-ordered drug test at her August 12 court hearing. After learning the news, her estranged husband Courtland Rogers went on a Twitter spree, tweeting the news and hoping to get a response back from Jenelle!

Jenelle Evans In Jail — Courtland Rogers Tweets About ‘Teen Mom’ Arrest

Courtland came to Jenelle’s court hearing — but not to offer her moral support! He filmed a Keek video outside the courthouse saying:

Oh man, at the courthouse, Brunswick County Courthouse. I thought I'd meet Jenelle's man for the first time — Mr. Nathan Griffith. This s***'s gonna be weird as f***! AWKWARD! But, it is what it is. Thought I'd come in here and see what they do to Jenelle for her court date. I don't know, y'all wish me luck. Love y'all. Mwah!

Courtland didn’t stick around the court long enough to hear about Jenelle getting put in jail. The whole time, he tweeted his anxiety about the verdict, wondering if justice would indeed be served. After learning Jenelle was put back in jail after her court appearance on August 12, Courtland tweeted at her, asking:

@PBandJenelley_1 why ain’t u tweeting nothing

Without a response from her, Courtland seemed to be in a much brighter mood as continued on with his day after the court appearance, going out wakeboarding as planned. He continued sending out Twitpics of himself relaxing on the beach, sending out messages like “Don’t rain on my parade” and “going to sleep with a happyface.” He also started deleting some of his tweets about Jenelle — ridding himself of the negative energy. Clearly Courtland was pleased with the day’s events!

Courtland Rogers Tweets About His Sobriety

Earlier on in the day, Courtland tweeted directly from the courthouse. In one tweet, which he later deleted, Courtland explained:

No matter what… All of this s*** made me the person I am now… SOBER !! If none of this would of happened I don't know where i'd be 2 day

Then he updated:

So to each it’s own.. Life might not always b fair but at least I’m alive to witness what really matters!! And this sobriety s*** is amazing !

Courtland seems embracing his own progress — or at least using it to slam his ex’s failed drug test! After retweeting the news of Jenelle being jailed, he wrote:

I might not have the best past.. But right now I am doing the best I have ever done In my life and I admitted my problems to the whole world

Sounds like he’s calling out Jenelle in a pretty big way! What do YOU think, HollyMoms?

WATCH: Courtland Rogers Films Keek Video Outside Courthouse, August 12

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– Kristine Hope Kowalski

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