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Hollywood Life: Kidnapping Victim Hannah Anderson Speaking Out On Social Media

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thumbnail Kidnapping Victim Hannah Anderson Speaking Out On Social Media
Aug 14th 2013, 14:35, by Kristine Hope Kowalski

The 16-year-old is taking to the social media site to interact with well-wishers and answer hundreds of questions regarding her traumatic kidnapping experience.

Hannah Anderson, survivor of the horrible August 3 murder/kidnapping case that left her without her mother and brother, has returned home and reunited with her father. After a horrific crime was committed by who authorities believe was family friend James DiMaggio, a social media account believed to belong to the 16-year-old is answering personal questions about her experience and thoughts about the aftermath.

Hannah Anderson Speaks Out On Social Media — Calls Abductor ‘Psycho’

An user appearing to be Hannah Anderson is answering a slew of questions regarding her days home since her kidnapping. The account was created before Hannah’s abduction, reports 10News. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said they are aware of the account’s existence, but they cannot officially confirm that it is a legitimate account belonging to Hannah. Still, several of Hannah’s personal friends from school left comments on the account.

Most of the “questions” on Hannah’s page are well-wishes coming in to her from around the world, to which she responds with brief thank yous. But she is also revealing details of her traumatic experience:

One user asked how Hannah’s mother and 8-year-old brother Ethan ended up at family friend James DiMaggio’s house: ”So your mom and [Ethan] were just at his house for no reason and the thing went off and they caught [on] fire and burned?”

Hannah explained that she felt tricked:

He told us he was losing his house because of money issues so we went up there one last time to support him, and to have fun riding go karts up there but he tricked us.

After one user wanted clarification, asking “the news said your were with him willingly? Were you?” Hannah revealed, “No not at all.”

Another user asked, “how did he separate you from your mother and brother?” Hannah, unenthusiastic at answering the questions in great detail, reveals:

He tied them up in the garage. I’m done answering questions about it so don’t bother asking.

She did not want to talk about James very much “because he’s a psycho.”

Hannah Anderson Reveals Captor ‘Deserved What He Got’

A commenter did about Hannah’s relationship with captor James DiMaggio, asking her to clarify “did he tell u that he had a crush on u?” Hannah explained:

Yes he did he said it was more of a family crush like he had feelings as in he wanted nothing bad to happen to me.

One commenter asked, “Are you happier they shot him or would you have wanted him to have life in prison?” Hannah definitively answered that James deserved his fate:

Shot him. He deserved what he got.

Hannah Anderson Overwhelmed By Response On Social Media Page

In response to several requests, Hannah answered: “I’m sorry some I don’t feel like answering because they are personal or it’s too overwhelming I hope you guys can understand that.”

On the account, Hannah also answers questions about her favorite actors, singers, and foods. She posted several pictures, including selfies and pictures of her nails — she shows off her manicure that shows an accent nail painted half pink and half blue, which she reveals is “pink for my mom and blue for Ethan.”

Unfortuately, the account is also attracting haters who are sending awful messages.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think it’s a good idea that Hannah is answering questions online?

WATCH: Hannah Anderson Rescued

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– Kristine Hope Kowalski

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