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Hollywood Life: Kim Kardashian: Don’t Let Weight-Haters Make You A Shut-In

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thumbnail Kim Kardashian: Don't Let Weight-Haters Make You A Shut-In
Aug 14th 2013, 23:09, by Bonnie Fuller

Kim, a new report reveals that you don’t want to step out of the house until you’ve lost 60 pounds! Don’t let the fear of know-nothing internet loonies keep you from stepping out in public.

Kim Kardashian, we understand that it must have been so upsetting to face criticism from some online nasties when you gained weight while pregnant.

Kim Kardashian — Don’t Be Ashamed!

“She’s extremely self conscious about her current body” a friend told USWeekly. And honestly, who wouldn’t be when you’ve been the butt of cruel internet jokes about your weight, like being famously compared to the famous whale, Shamu.

But on the other hand Kim, you can’t let anonymous losers rule or run your life. You’re too good and smart for that. You need to start listening only to the people who love you and think you look beautiful- like Kanye and ignore the haters.

Yes, you gained almost 50 to 60 lbs while you were carrying little baby North West but that’s a totally normal occurrence. Lots of women gain that amount of weight while they’re pregnant — yes, even celebrities!

Unfortunately, because you’re just 5’2″ — a very petite person, the weight that you added was just much more obvious than if you were a 5’10 Kate Middleton. Plus, your bump looked bigger in proportion to your body than it would if you were a taller woman.

But it’s easy to understand how you could be upset by anonymous internet commenters who dissed you for doing what comes naturally to every woman — gaining pregnancy pounds!

Every pregnant woman is sensitive about her weight and appearance. But not every person is in the public eye like you are, nor are they a style icon and famous for their bikini body. That means it’s again only natural for you to be ultra sensitive about comments about your body.

Your body after all, has helped make your livelihood. Before your pregnancy, it seemed like there was hardly a week that went by when you didn’t reveal some stunning bikini photos.

Kim, Don’t Let Rude Comments Keep You In Doors

No wonder you don’t want to make a public appearance until you’ve dropped every one of those 60 lbs that you gained.

But Kim, you should really reconsider making yourself a total shut-in. You’ve reportedly already shed 30 lbs — that’s a lot! And with the healthy diet and exercise program that you’re sensibly following, you will gradually peel off the weight you want to kiss goodbye.

Nevertheless, your weight loss plan shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your life. Every new mom needs to get out of the house, especially after a couple of months. In fact, most new moms would have gone stir crazy already, no matter how in love with motherhood they are.

Luckily, you’re relaxing in a big, beautiful house with a loving boyfriend – Kanye West – and lots of help! No doubt you also have a gorgeous pool and garden to hang in!

But I hate to think that weight-haters, who you don’t even know, have trapped you away from the world.

Get Out There & Hang Out With Your Family

So Kim, if you feel like going out to meet your sisters, your mom or a friend for lunch or dinner — do it!

You can go somewhere discrete and you can even cover up if you’re self conscious! But don’t force yourself into hiding out.

No doubt you actually look ultra beautiful with your new mom glow and curves. Kanye thinks you look stunning, sources tell HollywoodLife, and he could care less if you lose one more pound.

And who is more important in your life than Kanye and little North? No one!

I can also tell you that baby North could care even less than Kanye about how you look.

So Kim, try and relax about your baby weight. Ignore nasty commenters who are just jealous of your success and beauty, and go out in public when YOU want to. Do you agree HollywoodLifers? Let me know.

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– Bonnie Fuller

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