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Hollywood Life: ‘Teen Wolf’ Scoop: Tyler Posey Teases Darach’s Next Victim & More

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thumbnail 'Teen Wolf' Scoop: Tyler Posey Teases Darach's Next Victim & More
Jul 29th 2013, 17:41, by Andy Swift

Fans can expect several major deaths in the weeks to come, Tyler tells Any guesses?

With only three more episodes before Teen Wolf‘s mid-season finale, there’s only one thing the residents of Beacon Hills can count on: No one is safe, especially with “Darach” on the loose. caught up with Tyler Posey for the scoop on Darach’s next victim, and he was quick to set us straight — there won’t be just one victim.

“A bunch more people die, people you know and love,” the mustachio’d star told us July 27 at Variety‘s Power Of Youth event in Los Angeles. “Boyd already died, which was quite tragic. That was the hardest thing to watch. I wasn’t there to film it, so I didn’t get to see it until the finished product, and it was beautiful.”

And while anyone could potentially end up on the chopping block, Tyler was kind enough to give us two names of characters who will definitely be standing come mid-season finale time:

“Scott is not going to die,” he told us. “And Stiles lives.


Scott ‘Becomes The Hero Everyone Wants Him To Be’

Regardless of who ends up dying, though, Tyler told us he’s had a blast filming the show’s third season — especially because of how much Scott’s circumstances have forced him to grow:

This season is my favorite arc I've ever done in my entire life. [Scott has] a lot of grown up decisions to make; he becomes a man. [On the] last episode, he showed his first glimpse of being a man and fighting back in a scary way. That was really fun to shoot, and really fun to watch. My character's arc goes all over the place this season. … He's vulnerable and he cries, which we've never really seen before. Then he becomes this all-time super-hero man, and he becomes the hero everyone wants him to be.

Sounds intense!

Scott ‘Will Always Love’ Allison

As for the lingering issue of whether or not Scott and Allison (Crystal Reed) will rekindle their romance this season, Tyler gave pretty much the exact answer we’d expect him to:

[Scott] and Allison are kind of on the fence right now. He loves her, he will always love her, but I think he has to grow up and be a man. [And part of that] is letting her go, if it comes to that. But yeah, there will always be possible love interests for Scott McCall, whether it be men or girls, you never know. … I could have just thrown you off there, though.

Wait… What was that last part?

— Written by Andy Swift, Reporting by Russ Weakland
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