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Hollywood Life: ‘Under The Dome’ Recap: Julia & Barbie Share A Passionate Kiss

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thumbnail 'Under The Dome' Recap: Julia & Barbie Share A Passionate Kiss
Jul 30th 2013, 03:47, by Christopher Rogers

The dome is still up after a failed missile attack, but the people of Chester’s Mill are starting to panic. With a dwindling water supply, all hell breaks loose.

Things go from bad to worse when a runaway truck crashes and knocks out a key water pipe on the July 29 episode of Under The Dome. Plus, the lake is full of methane and the town’s insulin supply is running out. Life under the dome doesn’t look promising.

‘Under The Dome’ Recap — ‘The Endless Thirst’: Julie & Barbie Kiss

An odd screech running across broadcast frequencies alarms Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) and Dodee (Jolene Purdy). Realizing that the signal is coming from inside the dome, they set out on a mission to find its origin and see if they can restore all broadcast frequencies.

Angie (Britt Robertson) manages to escape from Junior (AGAIN!). However, when Junior (Alexander Koch) alarms his dad, Big Jim (Dean Norris), about the escape, he tells him to do his own damage control.

The town’s residents start to get riled up when shop owners start demanding propane and batteries as a form of payment, instead of cash.

And due to the dwindling insulin supply, Norrie’s (Mackenzie Lintz) mom falls ill. So Norrie takes it upon herself to steal insulin from other patients, including a sick child. (Desperate times call for desperate measures?)

Shortages spread and tempers grow short. Angie gets attacked and knocked out by looters, who appear to be Junior’s friends. Sadly, they kill Rose in the process.

Julia and Dodee realize that Joe (Colin Ford) and Norrie may be the source of the screech and they’re somehow connected to the dome.

As tensions mount, and Linda prepares to shoot someone who is misbehaving, it begins to rain, which calms everyone down.

Barbie (Mike Vogel) carries Angie to safety, but ends up handing her over to Big Jim. When she wakes up inside Big Jim’s house, he promises to always take care of her. If she stays quiet, he won’t let Junior hurt her. They make a deal and then Junior walks in.

Julia tracks down Barbie in the rain. They share a tender moment and kiss, which would be romantic if the guy didn’t murder her husband!

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