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Hollywood Life: ‘Teen Wolf’ Winter Finale Recap: Scott Faces His Final Battle With Jennifer

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thumbnail 'Teen Wolf' Winter Finale Recap: Scott Faces His Final Battle With Jennifer
Aug 20th 2013, 04:15, by Andy Swift

Scott asserted his dominance as the ‘True Alpha’ this week — but which member of ‘his’ pack is already plotting against him? Spoilers ahead!

The Aug. 19 mid-season finale of Teen Wolf was like a really irresponsible babysitter. It threw crazy stuff at us for an entire hour, spoiled us (with stunning CGI) and it failed to keep several very important people alive. That said, it was easily the most epic, climactic episode of the series — and it paved the way for Scott’s (Tyler Posey) next adventures, both as a wolf and as an angsty, hormonal teenager.

I guess the best way to make our way through this episode is by playing “Dead or Alive: Beacon Hills Edition.”


JENNIFER: I never thought I’d say this about a Teen Wolf villain, but I’m really going to miss Haley Webb. Jennifer was the most well-rounded villain we’ve gotten so far, and it was great learning even more about her this week. That chick has powers – though I guess I should say had powers, since she’s super dead now. She managed to kill a key character in her path (see below) but Hurricane Jenny was eventually snuffed out by another fan-favorite badass (see even below-er).

KALI: This one was a legitimate heartbreaker, as Kali (Felisha Terrell) met her end at the hands of the Darach she once saved. I mean, she was technically killed by a dozen shards of glass, but Jennifer’s the one who flung them at her, so she gets the blame. And were you not blown away when Kali screamed, “I should’ve ripped your head off?” She really, really should have.


SCOTT: Did you really think Scott was, or ever is, going to die? Turn on your brain, son. He didn’t just survive this mid-season finale; he owned it. After resisting Deucalion’s (Gideon Emery) demands to become a killer, he broke through Jennifer’s witchy protection circle and officially became the True Alpha he was always meant to be! And how amazing was that little flashback of Scott from the pilot? I forgot how long his hair was — and how much his wolf form totally looks like the monkey kid from Jumanji.

DEUCALION: I think I was most surprised to see Deucalion survive this final hour. I can’t believe that with everything thrown at him — Scott used his Demon Wolf powers against him, and then he was weakened by the lunar eclipse — that blind-ish bastard still managed to stay alive. I guess it’s only because Scott and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) literally let him go once the big battle was over, but I definitely would have had him on my Teen Wolf Death Bingo card … not that I’ve ever played that.

PETER: Not only is he alive, but he’s gunning for the top of the pyramid! Peter (Ian Bohen) was given the coveted final scene of the finale — which he totally deserved because he’s easily the show’s most underused gem — and he made good use of it. After snuffing out Jennifer once and for all, he declared himself to be the Alpha. In fact, he’s “always been the Alpha!” Needless to say, Scott “True Alpha” McCall might want to watch his back this January.

ETHAN & AIDEN: To be honest, I assumed the twins were going to die tonight — aren’t they signed onto a new HBO show? — but I’m glad I was wrong. Ethan and Aiden (Charlie and Max Carver) definitely looked dead when Jennifer snapped their combined neck in the heat of battle, but the Teen Wolf fandom’s prayers were answered when the boys were eventually nursed back to health on Dr. Deaton’s table.

LYDIA: One near-fatal encounter with Jennifer aside, Lydia (Holland Roden) made it through the finale relatively unscathed — physically, that is. That banshee looked pretty wrecked while the twins were fighting for their lives. Lest we forget, she’s still banging one of them. The straight one. Aid…than?

ALLISON: Though she technically died a little bit in order to locate the guardians, Allison (Crystal Reed) managed to come back and officially survive the first half of Teen Wolf‘s third season. And it looks like the second half is going to be even more intense for her, as she and Papa Argent have adopted a new creed: “We protect those who cannot protect themselves.” I hope that means Stiles.

DEREK: The good news is that Derek is alive and well, but the bad news is that we might not be seeing him for a while. After siding with Jennifer to save his friends’ parents, then having to watch Jennifer defeated at the hands of Scott and Deucalion, the big meat-head decided he needed some time away from Beacon Hills to get his mind right. He took Cora (Adelaide Kane) with him, and while I predict Derek will be back soon, I’m not exactly holding my breath for his little sister — because, you know, Reign.

STILES: Don’t worry, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) is all good. His car’s looking rough after he crashed it into that tree, and he’ll probably need to buy a new one if he still wants to be included the opening credits, but I think he’ll be OK.

Time Jump, Anyone?

Once the dust had settled with Deucalion, Scott narrated a brief look into the future of Beacon Hills. I’m not sure how much time passed — it could have been two months or two days, really — and everything looked as it should. Lydia and Aiden were walking abreast, Danny and Ethan were holding hands and Stiles was right there beside his best pal, Scott.


Oh, I guess I should probably note that Allison and Isaac (Daniel Sharman) were basically couple-ing in the middle of the hallway, so maybe not everything is as it should be…


WATCH: Tyler Posey Talks ‘Teen Wolf’ Finale

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the Teen Wolf finale? What are you looking forward to — and dreading — in 2014? Drop a comment below with your review, etc.

— Andy Swift
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